Saturday, July 2, 2011

Zentangle Challenge #28

This week's challenge is called "Trip to Tripoli" -- it could be called "Tricky Trip to Tripoli!" lol. I had such a busy week that I forgot to look at the challenge until late last night. I really only had time to do one tile, and not much time to practice. When I first started out, it was like trying to work with unruly children, but then I started to feel affection for "my" unruly children. Maria is right, the fun begins when you start filling in the triangular grids. You probably can't see much of my detail from this picture, but I had to put it at that angle because it was the best view. Trust me, I had fun with the insides, even though the overall effect is not my original vision! I woke up this morning thinking of a Tripoli sun, but Tripoli had other ideas. I am looking forward to playing with this some more -- I can see lots of possibilities. I have enjoyed looking at all the other entries this week -- awesome!


  1. These little guys of yours seem to be dancing. Real fun!