Tuesday, July 17, 2012

362 - 364 Fun Things to Do!

362 - Go to a steel drum presentation!  This one was held at Fairlawn-Bath Library in Akron, Ohio and featured Ron Kerns, Co-Owner and President of Panyard, Inc.   They are world leaders in the making of steel drums and their company is in Akron!  For more information, go to www.panyard.com  Ron told a lot about the history of steel drums and how they were invented in Trinidad.  You can play any kind of music on steel drums, including calypso or even country and western.  It is amazing to see how much interesting music can come out of such a simple looking instrument!

363 - Try playing a steel drum.  Ron made sure that every child (and some adults) in attendance, got a chance to play some fun and rhythmical music on steel drums.  My grandsons, Nate and Andrew, were intrigued with the whole idea!

364 - Make sure you collect flyers and brochures from your local library to find out what is happening, not only at the library, but in other places, too!  A big thank you to libraries all over the world for having such interesting activities!  

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Zentangle Challenge #77 - "Fiore di Pietro"

This month's Zentangle Challenge touched my heart so much that I invited some of my friends from the Zentangle Club of N. E. Ohio to come over and participate.  The challenge is to do a Zentangle, or Zentangle inspired art (ZIA), using Rho Densmore's new tangle (pattern), "Fiore di Pietro", which she created in memory of her brother-in-law, Peter, who very recently passed away unexpectedly.  She is going to use these images in books that she will be giving to her family in honor of Peter.  Jean, Sophia, and I created the Zentangle and ZIAs below with gratitude for the privilege of joining people from around the world in helping to put together this tribute.  We all give our permission for Rho to use our images.  Rho is a Certified Zentangle Teacher, and so are Jean, Maria, and I.  Sophia is Maria's daughter.  

You can go to www.iamthediva.blogspot.com for more information about "Fiore di Pietro" and about this challenge.  If you click on the individual names, you will have the opportunity to see an amazing array of entries from people who have already contributed.  Entries will be taken until this Saturday night, and all are welcome to participate.

In Honor of Peter by Carol Bailey Floyd

In Honor of Peter by Jean Rogers

In Honor of Peter by Sophia C. Kostoff

In Honor of Peter by Maria V. Copetas

Monday, July 2, 2012

356 - 361 Fun Things to Do!

356 - Take "canopy" photos of your favorite trees!  Have you ever been out in the woods on a hike and looked up through the trees to the sky?  That is always a big WOW! for me.  This photograph is of a white oak in our front yard that we planted in memory of my Mom, who passed away in 1987.  I just love the shape of the leaves, and the buds are glorious.  The tree below is an ash of some type, and it shades our patio, and also provides perches for neighborhood birds as they enjoy our bird feeder.

357 - Declare a theme for a time period!  I decided that this whole Summer would be a vacation for me, even though I don't have a specific vacation planned.  I have declared it to be a "Summer of Fun and Autobiographies and Biographies".  So far I have shared my Summer with Judi Dench (actress), Jane Lynch (actress), John Lithgow (actor), Avi Steinberg (writer and prison librarian), Shirley MacLaine (actress and writer) and others.  Being a lover of reading, having this theme encourages me to take reading breaks, even when I am busy.  This is the first Summer since I was a child that I am making it my business to emphasize fun! Hooray!

358 - Before you go to bed, write yourself a note to see in the morning!  This is a great way to encourage yourself and get some friendly energy for starting the day.

359 - Take a nap with a pet.  We don't have any pets, but my son, Kevin, and his wife, Dyan, have a wonderful, friendly, and companionable boxer named Woody.  Sometimes when I go over early to babysit Nate and Andrew, I have to wait for them to get up.  Once in a while, I take a little nap on the sofa, with Woody as my fellow napper -- very cozy!

360 - Listen carefully to children.  I consider it a privilege to hear any child explain anything!  Kids are usually able to get to the heart of things, and their observations are often quite memorable.

361 - Get up early to hear the birds chirping.  It's as if they have made some kind of agreement to loudly announce their presence to each other, and to you, too!  I picked up my friend Jean about 5 a.m. recently to take her to the airport, and my reward was hearing a symphony of birds sounds that was a delightful musical celebration!