Tuesday, July 17, 2012

362 - 364 Fun Things to Do!

362 - Go to a steel drum presentation!  This one was held at Fairlawn-Bath Library in Akron, Ohio and featured Ron Kerns, Co-Owner and President of Panyard, Inc.   They are world leaders in the making of steel drums and their company is in Akron!  For more information, go to www.panyard.com  Ron told a lot about the history of steel drums and how they were invented in Trinidad.  You can play any kind of music on steel drums, including calypso or even country and western.  It is amazing to see how much interesting music can come out of such a simple looking instrument!

363 - Try playing a steel drum.  Ron made sure that every child (and some adults) in attendance, got a chance to play some fun and rhythmical music on steel drums.  My grandsons, Nate and Andrew, were intrigued with the whole idea!

364 - Make sure you collect flyers and brochures from your local library to find out what is happening, not only at the library, but in other places, too!  A big thank you to libraries all over the world for having such interesting activities!  

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