Saturday, June 30, 2018

796 - 809 Vacation Fun Things to Do!

797 - Enjoy the magic of sunrises and/or sunsets on vacations and document them with photographs.  I am not a morning person at all, except when it comes to the allure of fabulous sunrises.  This photo was taken in Ocean City, Maryland.

798 - Research your vacation destination so you can more fully enjoy your adventures.  Before Tom and I went to Savannah, Georgia, I reread Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt, which is based on a real story.  We got to tour the house where the main character lived and see some other locations mentioned in the book.  You can also find lots of destination information on the internet, from AAA (American Automobile Association), and at the library.

799 - It's fun to take a sketchbook on vacation, even if you don't consider yourself to be adept at drawing.  Without judgment, draw some interesting items here and there.  When you get home, you will be happy to have these memories to recall in a very personal way. 

800 - Take photos of your meals when they are first served.  Sometimes when I get home from a vacation, I know I have had really great food, but often the specifics are hard to recall.

801 - A vacation is a perfect time to keep a journal of your adventures and any particular things you want to document.  Vacation journals are real treasures to review for many years to come!

802 - Put together a photo album of your vacation pictures.  I often make a photo book online - a wonderful record for your family and a great and very personal gift.

803 - Take some interesting, perhaps even a little bit wild, clothes with you to enjoy.  Most people won't know you anyway, so change your identity a bit, and have some fun!  (Thanks to my friend, Denise, for this idea.)


804 - One of my favorite things to do is drive around with no destination - just rambling around, stopping occasionally, taking some photos, trying new restaurants and using a GPS to find my way home.

805 - Check out local attractions that you have never seen before.  Most states have books, pamphlets, and magazines devoted to interesting things to do.  Did you know that you can rent tree houses in Ohio?  Mohican Cabins and Treehouses in Glenmont, Ohio have a variety of treetop accommodations waiting for you!

806 - Do lots of research for a future vacation!  Perhaps you will go, perhaps not - but the fun of learning about an unfamiliar area can be very rewarding.  You might find that if you coordinate your savings, you might really get there one day!  One time my friend Mary-Anne, who lived in Minnesota, wanted me to be in her wedding.  I could not afford the plane ticket until I counted the quarters I had been saving and miraculously, I had enough for a round trip ticket!  Saving coins can reap big rewards!

807 - Do an activity in your area that you had previously not considered doing like laser tag, paintball, or car racing - whatever suits your fancy.

808 - Throw a theme party and invite lots of people to share your staycation with you!  My son, Kevin, and daughter-in-law Dyan, have had many Hawaiian luau parties, but have never gone to Hawaii!   But if they ever go, they will be prepared in advance for lots of Hawaiian fun!

809 - Have a wonderful time doing nothing, or very little.  Naps, reading, binging on TV shows.  It can be very restorative and fun to not have very many obligations!