Thursday, October 2, 2014

553 - 560 Fun Things to Do!

554 - When you are going to be shopping in many places to try and find something, take photographs of the items you are considering.  I am looking for a new end table, so  took many photos of the ones that are under consideration.  This way I can take my time and eliminate a lot of confusion

555 - Tip an excellent server extravagantly.  When I was a waitress in high school, a gentleman tipped me more than the bill!   I was thrilled, and I still remember him and how happy that made me feel.   Every once in a while, I leave a giant tip because I know how that can brighten up a day and create a wonderful memory.

556 - If you have to make an important decision, quiet your mind and see if you can get some wise guidance from the Universe.  This has worked for me many times in my life.

557 - Memorize a funny joke and tell it to all kinds of people all day long!  I don't have a good memory for jokes, but I can remember one if I tell it enough times.  What could be more hilarious than a really funny joke -- it lightens everyone up.

558 - Make up your own joke.  Here are some of mine:  What do you eat if you are feeling low?  Cheerios!  What do you eat if you are feeling dumb?  Smarties!  What do you eat if you are feeling broke?  Good and Plenties!  I bet you can think of much better jokes than those.  Give it a try!

559 - Try this for a conversation starter -- "what do you like to do for fun?"   That is much better than "what do you do?" because sometimes a person might not be working or doesn't like their job.  When you ask about fun, most people brighten up and are more than happy to tell you.  You might even get some new ideas of things to do for fun.  I consider this to be my number one research question.

560 - Serve someone you love a meal in bed.  This can be a really romantic way to say, "I love you".  If children are involved, you never know what might be on the tray!  This is a very memorable activity.