Thursday, May 31, 2018

786 - 795 Fun Things to Do!

This month's fun things to do were provided by my dear friend Mary Ellen, who is brilliant when it comes to fun ideas!

786 - Deliver a whole meal to the hospital room of a friend, and then eat with the family.

787 - Give yourself a sick day.  Change into your jammies and organize your activities.  Time to read a book or color!

788 - Choose a picture you have taken with your phone and have it blown up and frame it as a present.  Make a copy for yourself.

789 - Say yes to something without thinking about it.  It could be an adventure!

790 - Send lots of emails or texts early in the morning and see what you get back by afternoon.

791 - Buy something on ebay.  My hubby (Mary Ellen's) bought a train.  It came in one day and our dining room table has a track on it!

792 - Get involved in something that helps someone.  We need to take care of each other.

793 -  Find an author and read as many of his/her books as you can.  It's fun to read the lesser known books!

794 - Have dinner at lunch time.  Way to shake it up!

795 - Celebrate your right to vote by voting and then going out to lunch - not a chore, but an adventure!

Thank you, Mary Ellen!!  You rock!