Saturday, February 7, 2015

571 - 585 Fun Things to Do!

571 - If you live in a location with four seasons, take a photo of your car after you have had it washed  while it is still clean and sparkling.   In the Winter, cars get covered with so much salt and dirt that they are almost unrecognizable.  Here is "Molly Also" after a refreshing ride through a local car wash.  Hooray!

572 - Whistle, all by yourself, or with a tune that is playing.  Remember that you have a musical instrument handy at all times.  We had a mail carrier who used to whistle all the time, even in the rain.  Needless to say, Cecil was beloved in the neighborhood for his whistling and his friendly nature.

573 - Surprise an old friend with a phone call.  Prepare to be appreciated!

574 - If the food is particularly good in a restaurant, send your compliments to the chef.  They work hard for long hours at a time, and a sincere "thank you" is very welcome.

575 - Inspire someone who is having a rough time with a prayer, poem, or a kind message.

576 - Send a product manufacturer a complimentary letter, or call their 800 number.  Your feedback is very important to them -- good or bad!

577 - Polish shoes for someone you care about.

578 - If you have a difficult event coming up, plan something fun soon afterwards.  Every time you think about your dreaded root canal, you can also remember that you are going to have a great time at a terrific concert within days of your ordeal!

579 - Take a well-deserved shower after some hard work.  You will probably enjoy some wet smiles!

580 - Save your favorite page-a-day calendar sheets and use them to make fun and unusual greeting cards.  

581 - Get up 15 minutes early so you can take your time and enjoy the beginning of your day.

582 - Leave quotes or affirmations on strips of colored paper around the house to find unexpectedly.  Usually you will find them exactly when you need them!  Here's an example, "We're all Bozos on the bus, so we might as well sit back and enjoy the ride." - Wavy Gravy

583 - Get an orchid that requires only three ice cubes a week for maintenance.  I always wanted to have orchids, especially in the Winter, but I was scared that I would kill them.  Imagine my delight when I saw a beautiful display or orchids with a sign that said, "Just 3 Ice Cubes a Week".  If you prefer, you can water with 1/4 cup of water.  They last for months, and can be coaxed into blooming again with a little care.

584 - Take photographs of people with their pets.  This is a wonderful idea for a gift.  Or you can sneak some photographs of their pets by themselves.  One year, I snuck my sister Barb's dogs out to have photos taken with Santa.  She was surprised and happy to receive her doggy Santa photos.

585 - Get a pedometer to keep track of the distances you have covered while walking or running.  There are devices now that track each step, with 10,000 steps a day being the goal.  My son and his family are all trying for 10,000 steps a day, so they have a friendly competition that helps spur them on.