Wednesday, October 24, 2018

809 - 820 Fun Things to Do!

810 - Goat Yoga is the newest thing for encouraging a good sense of humor along with some fun physical activity.  Some have described it is as getting in touch with your inner farm girl or boy! The goats are trained to interact with participants and it is an experience you will never forget!

811 - Attend lectures and/or book signings with well-known authors.  Recently I have been privileged to go to presentations by Judy Blume, Paula McClain, Jodi Picoult,  John Irving, Adriana Trigiani and this week I will be attending an event featuring John Grisham.  Local libraries usually coordinate author happenings - some are free, and others include the writer's newest book in the cost of admission.  I have enjoyed every author event I have ever attended.  Check your local libraries for author events near you.

812 - Listen to audiobooks.  My local library system has over 10,000 audiobooks that can be borrowed!  You can access them with your phone, iPad, laptop, or desktop.  I use headphones when I am going to be moving around.  Recently, I put on my headphones, with an intention of doing some housework for about an hour -- five hours later, I was still going strong!

813 - Investigate the history of your town.  You can check your area's historical society and library for names of books and other resources which will enlighten you about interesting local facts and stories.

814 - Help someone to learn a skill.  You have many talents that could enrich the lives of others!  If you want to reach a lot of people at the same time, check with your local library about teaching a class.  

815 - If you are having tech difficulties, check with a teenager or a child and they will dazzle you with their knowledge!

816 - Take a photograph of your table before lunch or dinner.  This may look like an ordinary table, but the tablecloth was given to me by my dear book group friend, Cathy, the Fiesta ware is part of my collection which was started as a tribute to my late Mother, and the wooden salad utensils were beautified with Zentangle® inspired art (see by my talented friend April.

817 - Honor a child's or an adult's achievement with a certificate or a trophy.  Whether it is winning a spelling bee, hitting a home run, or getting a promotion at work, make it a wonderful celebration!  Certificates are available at office supply stores and can be made to look very official with the help of your computer or even your own good printing skills.  Trophies are much less expensive than you might think, and can be engraved with the pertinent information.  These are good ways to celebrate any occasion and make it very tangible and memorable!

818 - Dance in the dark -- by yourself or with a partner!  Candles optional.

819 - Remember unique sayings that strike your fancy.  One time during a discussion, my daughter, Maribeth's boyfriend Phil said, "Are you picking up what I am putting down?".  Now I live for the opportunity to interject that sentence into conversations!  Thank you Phil!

820 - Have a canvas print made from one of your favorite photographs.  They are available in many sizes locally or on the internet.  This is a wonderful gift to give yourself or others.