Tuesday, February 28, 2017

741 - 747 Fun Things to Do!

741 - If you see a sign that touches your heart, take a photo of it.

742 - Make a pledge to yourself.  I am pledging not to buy any books in March!!  That is because I buy books online, in bookstores, at library sales, and wherever I can find books for sale!  I have 12 bookcases full of books (and overflowing!)  So hopefully March will be a month of reading, reading, reading!!  I am also a frequent patron of the library, but twenty years of working in bookstores has caused me to be a lover of books that I own.  

743 - Cook something at home that you love to eat in restaurants.   I finally made asparagus at home for the first time a few years ago.  It was a lot easier than I thought it would be!  One time I had Beef Wellington in a restaurant, and it was so delicious that I looked up the recipe in The Joy of Cooking right away.  It's a very long and complicated recipe that I won't be trying any time soon!

744 - Try glow bowling!!  This is bowling in the dark with glow in the dark bowling balls, perhaps glow in the dark shoes, and/or decor, too.  You can do a "glow bowling" keyword search to find glow bowling in your area!

745 - Recommend books you love to your friends and family.  The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George is my new favorite book.  It is about a bookshop in a barge on the Seine in Paris.  The owner, Perdu, recommends books to customers by asking them four questions, and is proud that his books are in homes all over Paris.  There are intriguing characters, adventures, love, mystery, and lots of surprises.  Just when you think there couldn't possibly be any more surprises - POW!!! - something happens that you could have never predicted.  It is written so well, that I felt swept away and thought about the book when I wasn't reading it.  Hope you give it a try!

746 - Try lavender tulsi tea for better sleep, headache reduction, and upset stomachs!  I originally bought this tea because I love lavender and and wanted to try it.  Then I investigated the benefits and was happy to find out that it had all these capabilities.  If I know that I need a good night's sleep, I just steep two tea bags for 15 minutes and I am almost always guaranteed great sleep.  If I have a headache that goes into a second round, even after medication, some lavender tulsi tea works every time (so far).  Every time I have had an upset stomach recently, a cup of the miraculous lavender tulsi tea does wonders.  You can buy it at www.stash.com or at www.amazon.com (best price)

747 - Play hard!  Play is fun and energizing -- what more could you want?