Sunday, January 31, 2016

656 - 660 Fun Things to Do!

LeBron James

656 - Pick an athlete to follow.  As you probably know, this is LeBron James from the Cleveland Cavaliers.  I am not usually sports oriented (except for my children's or grandchildren's events), but I was impressed with LeBron from high school on.  He has represented Akron, Ohio very well with his generosity and loyalty.  The children of Akron are one of his top priorities and he has reached out to hundreds of boys and girls, not just with material things, but with lessons about studying hard, respecting others, and succeeding.   I am a proud member of the LeBron James Grandmothers' Fan Club.  Hooray for LeBron James!

657 - Go to an International Film Festival!  Even better, attend a film festival of short films.  Chances are you will find that there will be some short films that strike your fancy.  To find a film festival, check your local newspaper's entertainment section, or see if your local college or university is sponsoring one.

658 - Make a word cloud!  You can do one for free at  Just make a list of your favorite words.  To make one word bigger than the others, list it more than once.  Different color schemes are available.  There are other word cloud websites, just do a keyword search on word clouds.

659 - Make a postcard and send it to someone.  You can use 4 x 6 thick paper, like watercolor paper.  You can watercolor, do patterns, use a quotation -- whatever suits your fancy!

660 - Memorize a good joke and tell it to ten people.  By then, you should have it memorized!

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