Thursday, June 14, 2012

Annual Planting of the Circle Garden!

Every year, my grandsons, Andrew and Nate, pick out flowers for a circle garden in our yard.  They are 7 and 9, and we started this tradition several years ago.  It's so much fun to go to the garden store, get a double-tiered cart and let them pick out almost whatever they want.  This year we have Gerbera daisies and geraniums that match the color of their Little League baseball teams -- red and orange, along with an assortment of pink, hot pink, yellow, purple, lavender, magenta, and cream fabulous flowers.  Another big part of the fun is in the planting -- Nate said, "We're doing a better job this year because we're older!"  I look forward to this tradition every year, especially in the Winter.  I used to match my flowers and balance out colors, but my creative grandsons have helped me burst through my inhibitions with their enthusiasm and happy energy.  Now I am much more bold in my flower choices and have a much more interesting yard.  Thank you, Nate and Andrew!

355 - Fun Thing to Do!

358 - Attend an indoor fairy gardening class and make fabulous fairy gardens!  Here are some of the results from a recent group's creativity.  There were four adults and four children, and all their fairy gardens turned out wonderfully different and exciting.  It was a fun evening, and I was so impressed with the different styles and approaches.  The conversations during the building process were really fun, too!