Wednesday, May 14, 2014

521 - 528 Fun Things to Do!

521 - Take a photograph of some of your kitchen cupboard shelves.  Everything may look very familiar  to you now, but in the future your photo/s may bring back wonderful memories.   I collect Fiesta ware, and these are some of my treasures.  These shelves look different now, even a few weeks later, because I went to the outlet store of Homer Laughlin and bought more square dishes!

522 - Make cupcakes using fun paper baking liners.  My friend Rose, and my daughter Maribeth, make fabulous cupcakes and often use unusual paper baking cups.

523 - Make a fun-filled basket to donate for a fundraiser.

524 - If you're a reader and usually read one type of book, branch out and try something different.  You can get ideas from your local librarian, your family and friends, and the internet.  For example, if you like to read mysteries, you might try some science fiction.  You might surprise yourself and find a really great read or a new author to follow!

525 - Find the lowest price of gas possible.  There are even apps which have the prices of gas in your area.  That way you can triumph even more easily.  Keep an eye on gas prices so you can make an educated guess as to the cheapest gas available.  I enjoy driving my car even more when I am traveling with a reasonably priced tank of gas and pass a much higher priced gas station.

526 - Learn how to play a harmonica.  There are kits that have a harmonica and instructions.  Practice while you're alone.  You can even play along with music you like.  Harmonicas are great -- we even have a harmonica club in our area.

527 - Take a photograph in your neighborhood of a building that is about to be torn down.  A couple of years ago, I took lots of photographs of King School before it was demolished.  The building held memories of my childhood years, my children went there, and my husband taught there for 37 years, too!  

528 - Go to a drumming circle.  Usually there are extra percussion instruments there and you don't need to have any particular musical skills to join in.  A drumming circle is loud and rhythmic, but oddly peaceful.