Friday, February 2, 2018

781 - 785 Fun Things to Do!

781 - Keep the promise of Spring in your heart and treat yourself to flowers throughout the Winter.  I try to have fresh flowers and Spring bulbs in bloom throughout the season -- my Winter garden.  I feel much more cheerful with flowery reminders of an impending Spring full of miraculous blossoms.  By the way, it is 46 days until Spring --  you can start counting down now!

782 - Donate to your local arts organizations.  It's a great way to promote art and creativity in your area, and a wonderful way to feel part of the art scene.  You can also take some amazing classes for some artistic fun and adventure and become a regular at new exhibits.

783 - Have a conversation with a stranger.  This is one of my very favorite things to do.  I enjoy being able to get a glimpse into someone else's life -- even a short exchange is fun.  Some of my best memories are of conversations with people at coffee shops, airplanes, and wherever there a friendly stranger can be found.

784 - Try a home meal delivery service!  We use "Home Chef" and get two meals a week.  I always considered myself to be an average cook, making meals that I thought my husband would appreciate.   Now that I have happily been making new recipes, we have entered a wonderful world of culinary exploration.  Now Tom will try anything, and always likes whatever I make.  I roast pine nuts, caramelize onions, use wine,  incorporate interesting herbs, and have an enormous amount of fun learning new techniques and putting really great meals on the table.  Check one thing off my bucket list!

785 - Try all different kinds of tea.   A good cup of tea can help an upset stomach, encourage sleep, comfort, invigorate and more!  Having a some tea with a friend can make for a cozy and fun visit.