Saturday, August 30, 2014

548 - 552 Fun Things to Do!

548 - Use photo apps to change your photographs to make them more impressive.  There are a lot of apps out there to play with!  My grandson, Nate, brightened this photo up for me to use as a screen saver on my phone.

549 - Use candles to create an inspired atmosphere.  Whether you are feeling meditative or romantic, one or more candles can really set a mood.

550 - Send cards often to your friends who are having health problems.  It's so frustrating to not be able to cure people you love, but doing the tangible act of sending a card is a wonderful way to let them know you are thinking about them.  It also makes you feel like you have done a little something.

551 - Wear pajamas when you get together with your friends in the evening.  My daughter, Maribeth, was a member of the "Big Boy Club" that used to meet at a local Bob's Big Boy.  The rules were simple -- after 10 p.m., calories didn't count; have salty then sweet foods; and most importantly:  wear pajamas.

552 - Start or join a book club.  This is a wonderful way to get to know people.  As you all share your reactions to various books, your personalities and philosophies are revealed bit by bit in wondrous ways.  Friendships really thrive in a book group setting.   It's also a fun way to widen your reading horizons.  Your book club can meet at a library, other locations, or in private homes.