Tuesday, June 30, 2015

601 - 615 Fun Things to Do!

601 - Use a little red wagon to help you when you garden.  You can carry heavy bags of mulch, gardening tools, fertilizer, and more.  I have used my Radio Flyer™ for many years of happy gardening.

602 - Put out a hummingbird feeder.  Just seeing a hummingbird is a miracle and can brighten up your day.

603 - Make a list of some of your favorite things around your home.  Our environment usually changes over the years, and it's fun to have a reminder of past enjoyments.

604 - Throw a party that includes a scavenger hunt.  This is fun for all ages, and can be done by car to designated places, or even by foot in your neighborhood.  People of all ages enjoy a fun adventure.  My daughter, Maribeth, goes on hikes in our local parks with her nephews, and often makes a scavenger hunt list for them.

605 - Get a Sunday New York Times.  It is full of interesting articles, book reviews, international news, fascinating wedding stories, and more.  Of course, if you are up to a challenge, try the crossword puzzle!

606 - Go to a class reunion and catch up with some of the people you hung around with in your younger youth!  I attended the Firestone High School 50th Class Reunion this past weekend.  We had all kinds of events scheduled for 3 days.  My friend, Jan Booker, and I made the name tags.  It was very tender to think of memories of all of us during that sometimes vulnerable time.  When I was talking to one of my former classmates, I could look at their young face on their name tag, and then look up into their real present self.   There was always a hint of their youthful selves.   It was a wonderful experience.

607 - Use photographs to make cards.  There are blank cards available at most arts and crafts stores, or you can make your own out of folded card stock.  One time I took lots of photographs of my fairy rock garden to use on cards.  It was fun to send out something personal of something that I had created.

608 - Gather new words to spice up your vocabulary.   I was doing an art project with my grandson, Nate, and he said, "Yippee yo yo YO!".  I thought that was terrific, so I asked him if I could keep that phrase and use it.  He told me he would trade for "wowzers", a word I use occasionally.  This word transaction made me very happy!

609 - If you have a project to do, and are having a hard time getting started, just do one thing.  When I do this, I find that after I have done that initial step, everything else falls into place.  I seem to easily know what comes next when I get rolling.

610 - Wave a grateful acknowledgment when trying to nose your car into a lane of traffic.  When I am smiling and waving, I invariably get where I want to go.  Being pre-thanked seems to make drivers more cooperative.

611 - If you are a person who likes paper or crafts, try to find a paper store in your area.  We have a fabulous paper store a short distance away -  Hollo's PaperCraft.    http://hollospapercraft.net  They have paper by the pound in colors you never dreamed possible.  One whole room is devoted to envelopes.  There are drawers and racks of handmade paper.  Bulletin board embellishments and other teacher related items are available.  The inventory is full of all kinds of paper products, and other unexpected odds and ends.  People come in from out of state to visit this amazing store!

612 - Go to a toy store and buy yourself a fun present!

613 - Take a mystery road trip!  Just meander along in your car -- turn right when you feel like it, left on a whim, or stay on one highway for a while.  Stop when the mood strikes you -- at a roadside attraction, an ice cream stand, museum, or an interesting restaurant.  Wander around and explore your state, or be wild and cross a state line!  Just look at a map or program your GPS and you are homeward bound!

614 - Ride a horse.  There are probably places in your area that offer horses to ride, and sometimes even lessons.  I have a friend who bought a rescue horse, and her life is much happier and fulfilling.

615 - Learn to play a harmonica!  There is a local musician, Hal Walker, who plays and teaches harmonica (besides other instruments).  He is wonderfully enthusiastic and teaches his students to yell, "We need more music!  More harmonicas in the streets!"

"We're all Bozos on the bus, we might as well sit back and enjoy the ride."  Wavy Gravy