Wednesday, July 6, 2011

165 - 168 Fun Things to Do!

165. Have someone take a happy picture of you with someone you love! This is my Dad, Sherman Bailey, who is 94 years old. He is feisty and wonderful! I have adored him all of my life. He is the most interesting person to talk to that I have ever met. There are more activities in his life than most people do at half his age. Thank you, Emily, for taking this picture.

166. Join an adult summer reading club. This is my first year since I was a child (a few years back), and I was tempted because the prizes are there really cool T-shirts as possible prizes. Wish me luck!

167. Look for hydrangea bushes. In the Spring, I was entranced with forysythia and their wonderful bright splashes of yellow here and there. But now I am definitely in a hydrangea mood! I love the pink, blue, or pink drifting into blue big balls of color in yards all over town. There is one around the corner from my office that I have been visiting regularly. I am sorry if you don't have any hydrangeas in your area, but you could look them up on the internet, or pick another kind of flower to fall in love with!

168. Get a magnetic bumper sticker for your car. Now you don't have to worry about getting your bumper sticker on straight the first time, or the terrible task of trying to get it off. You could even have a little collection and change your bumper stickers to suit your mood! I put two regular bumperstickers on my car the other day, One said, "Spread Good Vibes", and the other one -- "Powered by Optimism". After I was finished, I came to the realization that my husband, Tom, will never ever drive my car again! Oh how I wish those bumper stickers were magnetic! lol Don't get me wrong -- he does spread great vibes, and he is very optimistic, but along with the magnetic flowers on the sides of the car, there is just a little too much hippie love going on for his masculine tastes!

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