Sunday, July 3, 2011

160 - 161 Fun Things to Do!

160. Have a cup of tea with someone you love. This is my beloved 94 old Paparoonio, Sherman Bailey, who is the best conversationalist in the Universe! Spending time with him is a privilege and a blessing. He can speak on just about any topic, knows many languages, has strong opinions, and of course -- a lot of interesting memories. He was a Glider Pilot during WW II and has more activities going in his life than many people I know half his age. I am encouraging

him to make it to 100 as long as he is having fun -- so far, so good!

161. Sign up your kids (or grandkids) for a crafts class. Here are two of my grandson Andrew's projects from the Wild West craft class he took last week. He and Nate even paraded around the store with their snakes -- I'm sure the customers were terrified! What is cuter than kids on parade?

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