Tuesday, July 12, 2011

177 - 182 Fun Things to Do!

177. Buy a kid an ice cream cone! This is my grandson Andrew enjoying his chocolate ice cream cone at Mary Coyle's, our favorite ice cream parlor in Akron, Ohio. Nate, my other grandson picked a strawberry cone. I used to work there when I was in high school, so it is extra fun to be in there with my grandchildren -- they even have the same tables and chairs!

178. Make up your own nickname. I've had different nicknames over the years, including Carolita which means "little Carol" in Portuguese since I lived in Brazil when I was a child, Pinky Floyd because my last name is Floyd and I am a Pink Floyd fan, and my kids, Maribeth and Kevin call me Mama Bear sometimes, which I love. My most favorite recent nickname is La La Lou. My friend Jean was telling me that her childhood nickname was Roo E. Roo after the kangaroo in the Winnie the Pooh stories. She and her cousins all picked out nicknames from the word kangaroo. That just sounded like one of the best ways ever to get a nickname, so I decided I wanted to have one that was similar. I came up with La La Lou because sometimes I forget things (I called this going "la la") and I just like Lou. If you really want to get my attention, just call me La La Lou!

179. Get a business card made up for whatever reason that makes you happy. One of my friends proudly handed me a business card once that simply said her name, Writer, and contact information. Having those business cards made her feel more legitimate as a writer, and were fun to give out. I think they even helped her get freelance jobs. I have a business card that says, Carol Bailey Floyd, Fairy Gardener, one with the word Possibilitarian on it, and of course one for the Laughing Club of N.E. Ohio. Now I even have business cards for this blog! You can get inexpensive business cards at vistaprint.com or 123print.com

180. Watch a children's Little League game. I would much rather watch kids playing baseball than a professional game any time! In a professional game, when a outfielder puts up their mitt, they usually catch the ball, almost casually. In Little League, three children might try for a ball and end up in running into each other, kids clap as they round the bases after they've hit a home run, there's fumbling, bumbling, triumphs, bravery, camaraderie, and tenderness. This is where kids learn about sportsmanship and that's it's OK not to be perfect, and to try again. This summer, both my grandchildren played on the Orioles, and my son Kevin was the head coach, with my husband Tom as one of the assistants. I was in Little League paradise!

181. Look at yourself in a funhouse mirror!

182. Have someone take pictures of you in a funhouse mirror. There have been plenty of pictures of my grandsons Nate and Andrew on this blog, but you may not recognize them here. What you cannot hear is about 15 minutes of hilarious laughter while they were moving up and down -- I think this was their first funhouse mirror experience.


  1. Hi, Carol! Here is Bárbara (we connected last week on We Love Gratitude). I loooved the business card idea! So brilliant! I'll make one for me: Bárbara - writer, healer and believer. Weehá!

    Let me tell you something amazingly cool: I live in Brasil! Yes! We are in the same vibrational wave, Carol! Wonderful!

  2. Wow! Barbara, we are on the same vibrational wave for sure! I have wonderful childhood memories of Brazil, although I left when I was 6. My Dad continued to travel through South and Central America for his whole career with Goodyear International. I sure hope you get those business cards -- I always say I believe in the possibility of everything because then when I pass over, all my bases will be covered! Some people think I am joking, but I'm not! And I love, love, love words -- what a gift we get to talk, think, and write! I am always interested in the healing process -- how we can heal ourselves (especially with writing, fun and creativity) and how we can help others discover their own healing paths. Hope you get to see this!