Sunday, July 10, 2011

170 - 176 Fun Things to Do!

170. Go to a steel band drum concert! It's even more fun on a patio, on a summer's day, with an audience of fascinated children and adults. A huge line quickly developed when it came time for the kids to have a chance to try out the steel drums. Did you know that you can play almost any kind of music on steel drums -- classical, blues, jazz, rock, and more! There were two performers, and the one pictured is Jeff Neitzke, an alumni of the University of Akron. For more information:

171. Look up a word in the dictionary. It's fun to find out the meaning of a word that pops up somewhere that flummoxes you. Then you can practice it out by using it whenever you get a chance to get it into your memory. When I was growing up, we had a family dictionary right next to the kitchen table. There was hardly a meal that went by that it wasn't used by someone challenging a pronunciation, meaning, or definition of a word. I took that love of dictionaries with me when I left home. Over the years when someone has asked me what one book I would take if I was stranded on an island, the answer is easy -- a dictionary, because then I would never ever be bored!

172. Sit around a bonfire. I've never met a bonfire i didn't like! Some of my best memories are of sitting around a bonfire with friends/family on a summer's evening. There's a certain easy camaraderie that happens when you are in the utterly relaxed atmosphere of a bonfire circle.

173. Roast hot dogs on a stick in a bonfire. Is there a better hot dog in the world than one roasted to perfection over an open flame? Especially when there are fellow hot dog chefs cooking with you. Hooray!

174. Make s'mores! Hershey's chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers! Beats the fanciest creme brulee any day!

175. Tell ghost stories around a bonfire -- the scarier the better!

176. Fix yourself a fabulous fruit salad. I usually put together bananas and oranges, but today I went wild and added strawberries. Life is good!

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