Saturday, October 21, 2017

771 - 780 Fun Things to Do!

771 -  Enjoy fresh flowers as often as possible.  I got these vases in Sarasota, Florida this Summer and I have had fresh flowers in the house ever since.  If you are very lucky, you have a wonderful flower garden where you cut your own flowers.  And if you live in a sunshine state, you are blessed with flowers all year.

772 - Put bike streamers on your lawn mower!  My friend Janis had this idea, and I am betting she really does have streamers on her lawn mower.

773 - Simplify!  You don't have to simplify your whole life, but you could simplify a day or a weekend.  If you are used to having a very busy life, try a day or two of few responsibilities with some leisure time to just enjoy your life.

774 - If you see a blimp, do not move until it is out of sight!   Blimps are very lucky for me, so I enjoy spotting them -- luckily, I live in Akron, Ohio, where blimps are not an unusual sight.

775 - Put a streak of color in your hair!  When I decided to let my hair grow out from red to gray, my daughter-in-law, Dyan, told me that I have the personality of a redhead so I wasn't allowed to change it.  When I told her I was going to streak it with colors, she said okay!!  So far I have had purple, turquoise, and hot pink streaks.  Fun!

776 - Pop the air bubbles in packing materials.  People of all ages enjoy this activity!

777 - Go on a tour of a factory.  I am always curious about how things are made, so I have thoroughly enjoyed every factory tour I have taken, and I am always on the lookout for new opportunities.  Best tour ever?  Harry London Chocolate Factory (free samples)!

778 - Do you have something coming up that you are dreading like a dentist appointment?  Plan something fun for soon after, so when you think of the difficult event, you can also think of your upcoming plans!

779 - Join a fantasy sports league.  My husband, Tom, has lots of fun with his football and baseball fantasy leagues.

780 - Try something fun you used to enjoy when you were a child like rollerskating, sledding, climbing a tree, playing hopscotch - whatever makes you happy!