Tuesday, October 8, 2013

461 - 473 Fun Things to Do!

1.  Hire a balloon artist to dazzle your family!  This is Gregory Wheeler who does the most magnificent balloon creations I have ever seen.  He does parrots that perch on shoulders, wild octopuses, fish that blow bubbles, and more!

462.  Pick your own fantasy balloon animal (even if you are not a child!).  Here is my fabulous pink flamingo held by my grandson, Nathan

463.  Have a balloon artist make a wild balloon hat for you.  When people look at you, they will know right away that you are a person with a big sense of fun!

464.  Have someone rub a balloon on your head, creating static electricity which makes your hair stand on end!  Hooray!  This is my good-natured husband, Tom.

465.  Hire a balloon artist to entertain at a kids' party for lots of fun.  A balloon artist would even be hilarious at an adult's party, bringing out the little kid in everyone!

466.  Fill someone's car with balloons for a fun surprise!

467.  Give some balloons to a child.

468.  Release balloons (ecologically correct) in celebration or in memory of someone.

469.  Put tags on balloons you are going to release with an invitation for people to call you and let you know where they found your balloon.  Include permission for them to call you collect.  My sister, Barb, used to have her family and friends release hundreds of red, white, and blue balloons on the Fourth of July.  The year we put tags on them, we got calls in Ohio from Pennsylvania and New York state.

470.  Add balloons to a sign for a party or a yard sale.

471.  Learn how to make balloon animals.

472.  Give balloons to someone for their birthday or other celebration.

473.  Take a ride in a hot air balloon!  The experience is beyond description.   One of my friends just got married during a hot air balloon ride!