Monday, October 31, 2016

711 - 716 Fun Things to Do!

711 - Enjoy a creative welcome mat.  This one is a terrific way to great your family and friends!

712 - Find a gasoline price app that will indicate the prices of gasoline wherever you are.  You can find the best gas station to incorporate into your travels around town.

713 - If you have something difficult coming up, plan something fun for after that event!  For example, if you have a major dental appointment, reward yourself with a concert, a play, a walk on a beautiful trail -- whatever strikes your fancy.  Be sure to put both events on the calendar.  Your difficulties will diminish.

714 - Go to a book signing.  They usually occur at libraries and bookstores, and if you find one of your favorite authors, all the better!  My friend Kathy and I went to a lecture and book signing featuring Adriana Trigiani, an author we both appreciate.  It was a fun, interesting, and exciting evening.

715 - If you are collecting a series of books, take a photograph of the ones you already have so it will be handy the next time you go to a library or bookstore.  I volunteer at a used bookstore in a huge library, so I have the best of both worlds!  I bought all of those books for less than $2.00.

716 - When you encounter a difficult person, just say -- "You better be getting on your good-bye shoes!"  You can even just think it, and you will be able to have a private laugh!