Monday, April 20, 2015

586 - 600 Fun Things to Do!

586 - Buy some flower bulbs in a pot to celebrate the arrival of Spring!  It's fun to watch them blossom as they bring happy Spring energy into your home!  You can plant the bulbs in the Fall -- just keep them in a dark place until then.  These are miniature daffodils, my very favorite Spring flower.

587 -  Play a license plate game in the car when you are traveling with friends or family.  In a new game I made up, you take the letters in the license plate and make up a phrase or a sentence with them.  For example, my grandson, Andrew, saw VMD and said, "Violins make destinies".   Other examples are HJH - "Harry jumped high", KLM - "Keep loving me", DON - "Do other names".   It is really fun and interesting to play and makes travel time go fast.

588 - Document a day in photos.  This is especially easy since most of us have cameras in our phone. This is a great way to make your day interesting, and later you will enjoy the memories of that particular day.  I've done this before, and I noticed that including people in the photographs makes everything more fun.

589 - Use your crockpot.  In the morning, put all the ingredients of your recipe into your crockpot and all day long, you will have the happy knowledge that your dinner is already taken care of.  If you leave the house, when you come back home, you will experience delicious smells!  You can also feel smug all day, knowing that many people will be scrambling around to get dinner together that evening.  Not you!!  You are organized, efficient, and smart!

590 -  Before you go to sleep at night, revisit your day in your mind with gratitude from early morning to late at night.  This is how I settle in for sleeping every night.  It is very comforting to have gratitude for the activities of my day -- the people and experiences, expected or unexpected.  I fall asleep in a good mood, and even often wake up feeling grateful. is a wonderful gratitude community where gratitudes posted are the basis for a very friendly gratitude community.

590 - Use satin pillowcases.  I recently slept at a friend's house to take care of her dog.  I was glad to see satin pillowcases and even happier when I went to sleep with a very happy head!  I have heard that slipping and sliding is a problem for satin sheets, but when you are using satin pillowcases, there is only luxury and happiness -- no falling on the floor!

591 - Join a choir.  There are all kinds of choirs out there.  And you don't necessarily have to audition for them.  A lot of choirs are looking for enthusiastic people and are willing to help them learn to sing.  My neighbor, Geri, is a faithful Catholic parishioner at her local church.  Her husband, John, not a Catholic, secretly joined her church's choir.  One morning when Geri went to church she looked up and there was John, singing his heart out in the choir!

592 - Take voice lessons.   Many people consider your voice to be an instrument, which can be refined and trained.  This is definitely on my list of things to do!

593 - Ride a horse.  There are stables in most towns that offer horse riding.  I have a friend who had trouble with depression for most of her life.  Then she got a horse, and her depression is gone!!

594 - Taking a shower after really working hard is fabulous!

595 - Watch documentaries.  Lena Dunham, the creator and star of "Girls" loved the book Eloise as a child and said that Eloise was one of the heroes of her life.  She even has an Eloise tattoo.  She met Hilary Knight, the illustrator of the book and developed a terrific relationship with him.  Then Lena did a documentary about him called, "It's Me Hilary" for HBO.  There are even documentary channels on some cable systems.

596 - Get gas at the cheapest price possible.  There are apps which indicate the lowest prices in your area.  My husband, Tom, and I enjoy discussing our gas price achievements!

597 - Give yourself some cooking challenges.  I notice that when I eat out, I choose things that I rarely, if ever, make at home -- pesto,  hummus, quinoa, etc.  So I am devising a list of challenges to see if I can duplicate similar happy restaurant experiences.

598 - Give a wave of thanks to a driver before they let you in a stream of traffic.  This works every time for me, I just start inching in, smiling and waving.  Inevitably, the driver waves back and lets me in.

599 - Use photographs to make cards.  There are blank cards and envelopes readily available at most craft stores.  One time, I took lots of photographs of my fairy rock garden and affixed them to blank cards.  It was fun to send them out because they represented a little bit of a corner of my world.

600 - Use a pedometer when you walk for exercise, or even for the whole day.  There are many wrist devises on the market now that track your steps and gather even more information.

Only 400 more fun things to do to reach my goal of 1,000!  Yippee yo yo YO!  Many thanks to Crystal Belle at www.creativespiritualwomen for issuing a writing challenge that inspired me to post these fun things today.