Wednesday, February 5, 2014

502 - 510 Fun Things to Do!

                                Photo by Michael Chritton from the Akron Beacon Journal

502 - Notice and document unusual weather events!  The above photograph features snow rollers which appeared all over the Akron, Ohio area recently.  I have never seen anything like them in my whole life!  They are formed when snow is slightly wet and packable and very windy conditions occur.  They range in size from about 12 inches to 2 feet.  My husband, Tom, and I went to the site of the photograph to see this phenomena for ourselves.  The field where they were looked like an extraterrestrial landscape!  Later that day, I saw another grouping of them in the middle of a traffic roundabout.  I was so excited, I kept driving around the circle! Imagine my happy amazement when I arrived home later that day to see them in our side yard!  I must admit I ruined the magical terrain with footprints as I took photographs to remember them by.

503 - If you are intrigued by something and are having trouble finding other people who are also interested, form a club!  Most libraries will let you reserve a room for free for meetings.  Then you can post flyers and advertise it.  I know a woman who put together a club for people who like to make altered books.  Now they get together once a month and have fun doing altered books together.  In our close circle of friends and family, some of us have formed a "Bad Girls Club".  We haven't ever done anything really bad, but once in a while we declare a meeting and make jokes about just how bad we are!

504 - Eat in different places in your house.  Who says you always have to eat at the kitchen or dining room table?  Try putting a tablecloth on the floor of your living room and having a meal there.  For those of us who enjoy four seasons, a picnic on the floor might be a fun way to remember that outdoor picnics are around the corner.  

505 - If you are a tea drinker, and have lots of different kinds of teas, mix up your tea bags so the next cup of tea will be a mystery!

506 - Play with Legos® -- most children have all different kinds, and would be happy to have a Lego® fun fest with you!

507 - Write words on rocks with a permanent pen and line them up to form a poem or an interesting sentence.  You could even put magnetic strips on them and put them on your refrigerator.

508 - Play with a Zen meditation sandbox.  These are small trays filled with sand that come with some little stones and a rake to make different patterns with.  It is very calming to rake the sand and place the stones in different configurations.  

509 - Organize your books by category.  If you're feeling really wild, you could alphabetize them, too!

510 - Have a photo mug made.  These are not very expensive and are available at most drugstores.  If there is a baby in your family, these mugs would be hugely appreciated.  You can also have mugs made from photographs of your personal artwork!