Friday, July 31, 2015

616 - 630 Fun Things to Do!

616 - Take photographs of footprints in the sand early in the morning before the beach gets too populated.

617 - Put together a model car, truck, airplane or whatever suits your fancy.  Models are available at hobby and craft stores and offer hours of fun and intrigue.

618 - Try weaving -- there are classes available or you can teach yourself.  There are many ways to weave really special projects.  This is a wall hanging I made several years ago, and really enjoyed the whole process.  I even like the crookedness of it!  Weaving is very creative, repetitive, and calming.

619 -  Pick three words to describe yourself.  I am creative, adventuresome, and curious.

620 - Stop watching TV for a day (or even a week).  It is exciting to find time you didn't realize you had.  You might even read a book, try a new recipe, take a walk, or any number of fun things.  I have done this several times, and it is always interesting and freeing.  I am certainly more particular about what I watch on TV now.

621 - Think about all your new beginnings -- every morning when you wake up, watching the dawn, each new hour, the birth of a baby, when you write in a journal, have a meeting, or meet someone new. to name just a few.  We all have many new beginnings in our lives, but sometimes we don't notice their power.

622 - Blow some bubbles!  My grandsons, Andrew and Nate, had a lot of fun with their bubble wands on our recent beach vacation.  Bubbles are also a fun gift to give children or adults.  Who doesn't like bubbles?

623 - Freeze your spending and see how long you can go and how creative you can be without using your money or charge cards.

624 - Have a day of changes -- take new routes while driving, drink tea instead of coffee, call someone you haven't talked to in a long time, try a new restaurant, go to a playground.  I know you can figure out lots of things to make your daily routines different!

625 - When you have something stressful coming up, like a visit to the dentist, or a presentation for work, plan something fun to do after the event.  That way, you can reward yourself and probably even get your challenge done better, in a more relaxing way.

626 - If you are having a job interview, make a list of 10 positive words that employers like to hear:  energy, enthusiasm, creativity, loyalty, innovations -- whatever words come fairly easily to you.  When you are in your job interview, you can interject your power words into the conversation.  The challenge of getting your words in will probably relax you, and the power of the words will impress your interviewer.

627 -  When you get home from the grocery store, cut up your fruits and vegetables and put them in containers.  That way your healthy snacks will be readily available, and you will be less like to grab a bag of chips!

628 - If you like to write, do a coffee shop/cafe hop.  Do some writing prompts at the first stop, then go to another location and write in your journal, after that you can do a essay, commentary, poem, or the beginning of a short story.  You can do any kind of writing in any kind of order.  It is also fun to write descriptions of some of the people you see, which is an interesting writing practice.  If you have a friend who also loves to write, they could participate and you could share your writing with each other.

629 - Make a list of the remarkable things that have been invented since you were a child.  Here are some of the things that have impressed me:  microwave ovens, space exploration, computers, smart phones, carpeting made out of recycled plastic bottles, cars that parallel park by themselves, emailing, Facebook, PowerPoint presentations, keyword searches -- I get amazed quite often by new innovations in technology, science, education, and art.

630 - Learn about all the names of the full name for each month:  Blue Moon, Harvest Moon, Strawberry Moon, Flower Moon, and more!  I'll let you have the fun of checking out all the names and their meanings.  Click here:  Full moon names and meanings.