Saturday, December 31, 2016

717 - 730 Fun Things to Do!

517 - Use buttons to highlight your artwork.  Make sure you use good glue so the buttons won't fall off.  For some reason, I just love buttons, new or old.

518 - Find a playground in your neighborhood and have some fun.  I enjoy this the most when no one else is around (except a friend) so I can be as silly as I want to be.

519 - Take a nap at an illegal nap time!  That could be an hour after you get up in the morning, in your car on your lunch hour, while you are procrastinating, or whenever you feel like it.  I have been doing illegal naps for years, but got the term, illegal nap, from The Book of Awesome by Neil Pasricha.

520 - Collect books from favorite authors so you can read them again years later.  I have a whole bookcase that is filled with books by my favorite authors -- Julia Cameron, Studs Terkel, Carl Hiaasen, Carol Shields, Isabel Allende, Hunter S. Thompson.  I have read most of the books, but I enjoy knowing that they are mine, and I can read them again any time I want.

525 - Keep packing bubble wrap so you can pop it whenever you want.  It's also good to have on hand when kids come over and you want to impress them since you might lack age appropriate toys.  I have never met a child (or adult) who didn't like popping bubble wrap.

526 - Play the board game, Monopoly.  It can be engrossing for hours, but be prepared to be gracious when one of your opponents starts building hotels.  

527 - The TV isn't working, the laptop is on the fritz, your alarm clock is inoperable -- unplug (then replug) -  or reboot them and enjoy the happy relief of this simple and free fix!  Hooray!

528 - Create a theme for a day -- food, music, play, anything you want.  Plan things throughout the day related to your theme.

529 - Take all of the furniture out of your living room, play some great music, and have a dance party!

530 - Read the Sunday paper/s in bed -- you could even eat your breakfast while you are reading.

Monday, October 31, 2016

711 - 716 Fun Things to Do!

711 - Enjoy a creative welcome mat.  This one is a terrific way to great your family and friends!

712 - Find a gasoline price app that will indicate the prices of gasoline wherever you are.  You can find the best gas station to incorporate into your travels around town.

713 - If you have something difficult coming up, plan something fun for after that event!  For example, if you have a major dental appointment, reward yourself with a concert, a play, a walk on a beautiful trail -- whatever strikes your fancy.  Be sure to put both events on the calendar.  Your difficulties will diminish.

714 - Go to a book signing.  They usually occur at libraries and bookstores, and if you find one of your favorite authors, all the better!  My friend Kathy and I went to a lecture and book signing featuring Adriana Trigiani, an author we both appreciate.  It was a fun, interesting, and exciting evening.

715 - If you are collecting a series of books, take a photograph of the ones you already have so it will be handy the next time you go to a library or bookstore.  I volunteer at a used bookstore in a huge library, so I have the best of both worlds!  I bought all of those books for less than $2.00.

716 - When you encounter a difficult person, just say -- "You better be getting on your good-bye shoes!"  You can even just think it, and you will be able to have a private laugh!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

701 - 710 Fun Things to Do!

701 - Get a fountain to add water interest to your environment.  I wasn't looking for a fountain when I saw this, but the sound is great, and the frog is cheerful, so it had to come home with me!

702 - Go to a toy store and have some fun.  Maybe there is a toy you wanted as a child, and never got, or perhaps you could wander up and down the aisles until you are enchanted.   You could even buy a toy for a child you love!

703 - Take a tour for a day or longer.  AAA has a lot of great tours of all kinds at very reasonable prices.  There are other organizations, including travel agencies, who have tours to just about any place you might imagine.  If you are going to a foreign country, it is very comforting to have everything planned out in advance.

704 - Be a sidewalk supervisor!  My Dad used to walk all around his neighborhood, and being a very curious fellow, he would strike up conversations here and there.  If there was a construction site, he would find the Foreman, and find out what was happening.  Of course, my Dad had advice to give about pipes, digging, navigating, etc.  I often walked with him, and was always amazed at my Dad's readiness to talk to just about anyone, about almost any subject.  I was lucky enough to be a sidewalk supervisor in my neighborhood recently.  I had a conversation with a construction worker, and spent some interesting time watching all the action.  Who says you have to be a little boy to enjoy big equipment performance?!

705 - Take a pottery class.  This is my first attempt at building a vase - very hilarious, I must admit.  The more crooked it got, the more I liked it!  Now it holds all my paint brushes and is a great memory of a fun time with my friends.

706 - Enjoy a succulent garden.  These are very popular right now, and you can get them at most garden stores already planted, or in individual pots waiting for your creativity.  Depending on your weather, you can plant them outside or inside in pots.  Even if you live in a four season climate, you can still enjoy your succulents outside in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

707 - Get something monogrammed.  You can get your initials put on towels, shirts, tote bags, pens -- whatever suits your fancy.  Giving a gift of something that is monogrammed is a great way to show you took some time, thought, and effort in your selection.

708 -  Buy an easel for your cookbooks, or just for a handy way to do your reading.  

709 - Use chalk paint on a piece of furniture to liven it up.  I love this chest because it was my Mother-in-law's.  It was looking a little beat up, so I chose bright green to make it look more appealing.  I really love the way it turned out.

710 - Find some interesting drawer knobs to accent your furniture or cabinets.  

Thursday, June 30, 2016

673 - 700 Fun Things to Do!

673 - Enjoy a Chicago style hot dog!  I first tried one of these amazing taste delights at a picnic.  The first thing that came into my mind after I took my first bite was - I have to have a party!!  Within two weeks, I had one of my book groups stay for lunch for Chicago hot dogs with all the fixings!  I was right -- a Chicago style hot dog is terrific (and affordable) party material.  You probably will be able to find a Chicago hot dog in your town.  Here, in Akron, Ohio, you can get them at Steak and Shake, Mary Coyle's Ice Cream Parlor, or at Ninny's Chicago Style Hot Dogs in Cuyahoga Falls.  The photo above is one of Ninny's delectable creations.  Here are the ingredients and the order in which they are layered:

poppyseed hot dog bun
hot dog
dill pickle slice
banana peppers
celery seed

Have fun!

674 - Go to a farmer's market and get some wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables.  

675 - Make up a scavenger hunt for your family and/or friends.  It can be done by car, or in your neighborhood.  People can go out in teams and hunt for the items on the scavenger list.  This is great fun for children or adults.

676 - Have a water fight.  One time we had one in our neighborhood and it was hilarious!  The person who won is the one who turned on their hose!!

677 - Have a chili cook-off.  Invite people to bring over their favorite kind of chili and have a taste test.  You can crown a Chili Chef!

678 - Have a laid back day in your pajamas!  I call these "jammer days".  I read, lounge around, and just enjoy a day without obligations.  Oddly enough, it is very energizing to take some time off for yourself.   The day after a jammer day, I am ready to jump back into the world and get things done!

679 - Send electronic greeting cards.  My favorite cards come from  She has a wide variety and you can send LOTS of cards at once.  I have fun sending them out for holidays to my family and friends.  There is a subscription fee for Jacquie Lawson, but there are other websites that have free cards -- just do a keyword search.

680 - Go fishing, by yourself or with a companion.  My Dad used to take me fishing once in a while when I was growing up.  Those were some of the best times ever, whether we caught anything or not!

681 - Welcome and celebrate a hometown hero!  Our fabulous LeBron James was extremely instrumental in the recent Cavaliers' NBA championship - the first championship in Cleveland in over 52 years!   He was a team leader who never gave up.  LeBron exhibited qualities of good sportsmanship, goal setting, preparation, tenacity, loyalty and giving back to his community.  Over a million people celebrated the Cleveland Cavaliers in downtown Cleveland last week - the biggest crowd to ever be in Cleveland!  Since LeBron is proudly from Akron, over 30,000 people filled an outside amphitheater and the local baseball stadium, with lots of leftover people in the streets.  It was a glorious event -- one I will remember all my life!  I am a member of the LeBron James' Grandmothers Fan Club, so everything was extra special.

682 - Use headphones for music or audio books.  It's a great way to relax or you can be active also.

683 - Attend a major league baseball game.  The snacks are great and are often delivered right to your seat!  As far as I am concerned, there is no mustard better than stadium mustard.  What could be more fun than thousands of people singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"?

684 - Get yourself a brand new notebook every time you start a project.  I just love office supplies, and getting a nifty new notebook is usually the beginning of great things happening.  Sometimes I take a notebook to the library for a couple of hours and wander around until I find things that interest me.  This is one of my best ways of having fun, and I have learned a lot in the process.

685 - Speak to a toddler.  It is a wonderful privilege to listen to their viewpoints and comments.  When you least expect it, they will amaze you!

686 - Pre-read a few pages into any books you are considering taking on vacation.  A friend shared this idea with me, and it has been a great way of making sure I am happy with my reading material.  When I am on vacation, books are essential to my enjoyment so this idea has saved me a lot of grief.

687 - Try some lavender tea.  It has lots of health benefits -- good for your digestion, helps with insomnia, can relieve the pain of migraines, and is very relaxing.  The kind I like is from and contains the herb tulsi, which is a sacred Native American herb which diminishes the strong flavor of lavender.  I also use a little bit of raw honey with it.  I often drink a cup of lavender tea before bed and I really seem to sleep better as a result.

688 - Go to a wine tasting.  There are all different kinds of wine tastings, and some even have an accompanying dinner.  It's interesting to learn about wine.  The best and most affordable way to do that is to try small amounts of different varieties.  Just make sure you have a driver!

689 - Write a brief description of a fun thing you did each day on the calendar.  When you look back, it will be fun to see how much fun you had.  Perhaps it will encourage you to do at least one fun thing every day!

690 - Play chess with a stranger.  Lots of areas have chess clubs where you can increase your skills and have fun at the same time.  There are also chess boards in libraries, coffee shops, or parks. 

691 - Teach someone to play chess.

692 - Keep an eye out for new books by your favorite authors!  Julia Cameron has written lots of terrific books -- my favorite is The Artist's Way, which is about creativity as a life force and everyone's connection to it in one way or another.  Julia's new book is It's Never to Late to Begin Again.  This book is about exploring possibilities and abilities.  Both books are a twelve week series which can be done alone or with others.  All I can say is -- hooray for Julia Cameron!

693 - If you want to give something away, but are still very attached to it, take a photograph of it and let it go!

694 - Buy from local artists.  I have artwork all over my house that has been done by local people I know and don't know.  I love the opportunity of meeting an artist and starting to collect their work.  I am very blessed that my friend Cathy Dully, who is an amazing artist, has sold me some extraordinary art.  There piece above is over the mantel and it still seems new to me every time I look at it.  The photograph does not capture the textures or the full glory of it.  I can still sit and look at it and get lost. 

695 - Wear a fun/interesting tie!  When servers at restaurants have unusual ties, I tip more!  Really.  I am also grateful to people who wear bold and different ties.  I once saw a photograph of a skirt a woman had made of her late husband's ties.  It was stunning, and I am sure it was a great comfort to her to wear it.

696 - Eat cupcakes!  Cupcakes are very popular right now, with whole bakeries devoted to these culinary delights.  Even wedding receptions are replacing regular cakes with tiered cupcake arrangements.  Make cupcakes!  Forego the bakery, and try your hand at making some of your own cupcakes -- just for fun or for a special occasion.

697 - Observe the birds at your feeder.  This is a Rose-breasted Grosbeak, and it is one of my favorite birds ever.  I have three pairs of them this Summer!  In prior years, I had only seen one twice, for only a few moments.  I was so thrilled this year to have them on a regular basis that I spent lots of time by my kitchen window the first week they appeared.  I stared at them so hard that I also started noticing the behavior of other birds who were regulars at the feeder, so that was an extra bonus.

698 - Surprise someone with balloons for no reason!

699 - Treat yourself to an ice cream cone.  Better yet, treat someone else to an ice cream cone, too!

700 - Make a wonderful fresh fruit salad in a scooped out watermelon.  When I go to a party and there is a fabulous fruit salad, I am so happy!


Saturday, April 30, 2016

666 - 672 Fun Things to Do!

666 - Find a motto to liven up your life!  This is from Joyful Inspirations, a coloring book that features great quotations.  I had a lot of fun coloring this.  I used colored pencils, glittery gel pens, and regular gel pens.  I wholeheartedly agree with the concept of playing hard!

667 - If you are home alone, play some favorite music really loud while you are taking a shower.  You can just listen or sing your heart out!  Happy showering!

668 - Photograph your home in all seasons.  You can frame the results if you like.

669 - Take photographs in all rooms of your home.  You will enjoy them now, and later when you may have redecorated or even moved, you will enjoy them even more.  (This is also a good idea for insurance purposes.)

670 - Pay yourself to do a chore or project, especially if you have been procrastinating.  I am about to pay myself to hang new curtains on the second floor.  I think I will pay myself $20.00!

671 - Go to a handbell concert.  The music is delightful.  A sample is here.

672 - If your week is shaping up to be really busy, and you are feeling uncomfortable about having so many obligations, freeze your week.  I just take a pink highlighter and print FREEZE across the days on my calendar.   I did this a couple of weeks ago, and it helped make my life a lot more manageable and made it easier to say no to requests for my time.  It worked so well that I did it for two weeks.  This is a really terrific way to feel like I have regained some control over the number of activities in my life. 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

662 - 665 Fun Things to Do!

662 - Create a coloring tablecloth!  One time, I surprised our book group with coloring wrapping paper taped all over the kitchen table, and we had so much fun coloring each week. But the paper was thin, and we wondered what we could do with it.  My friend, Maria, told me about coloring fabric you could purchase by the yard online.   There were many designs, and since it is Spring, I chose butterflies and flowers.  I also ordered Tulip fabric markers.  Then Felicia,  a wonderful seamstress, made the fabric into a tablecloth.  Voila!  It was great fun presenting the book group with a coloring project we could keep -- of course, we plan to keep meeting forever!  Diane created the beautiful and colorful close up area.  We are having so much fun!

663 - Pay yourself to do a chore or project.  Sometimes I have trouble finding the motivation to get certain things done, and when that happens, I feel disappointed.  Then I got the idea to pay myself to clean the kitchen floor, tidy up the spare room, or organize a cluttered area, etc.  One of the tricks to this plan is that you must really pay yourself, and the money you earn must go towards something fun.  Now when I am reluctant to jump into cleaning or organizing, I just offer myself what I think I might have to pay someone else to do it.  Makes perfect sense to me!

664 - Whistle!  If you don't whistle very well, practice in the privacy of your own home until you are ready to share your talents.  If you enjoy whistling, take your talents out in public.  Today I was walking up two flights of steps with a man who whistled cheerfully all the way.  It was a delightful experience, which I know I will remember fondly.  We used to have an amazing mail carrier, Cecil, who used to whistle, even in the rain, as he was delivering the mail.  His cheerfulness really improved the quality of my life!

665 - If you enjoy walking, try walking in different neighborhoods.  I know someone who got a map of their city, and highlighted everywhere he walked.  It's fun to have different environments to enjoy as you walk!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Activities at Summit ArtSpace in Akron, Ohio

I think it will be fun to start putting in some information about local activities.  Here are some upcoming events at Summit ArtSpace, 140 E. Market St., Akron OH 44308 -- one block east of the Akron Art Museum.

Our promotion on our page:

In December 2015, the Devil Strip’s column “Urine Luck” graded our bathroom with a 1.5 out of 5 toilets.  (See page 34 in that issue)

We are in the process of sprucing up our bathrooms and holding a “Loo-lapa-loo-za” to celebrate our loo’s new look!  It is to be held on Friday, April 1st from 7 to 9 pm.

(The current issue of the Devil Strip mentions it on page 38)

We’ll be having The League of Creative Interventionists ( and Let’s Grow Akron ( helping design an outdoor exhibition for the event.  Syn-hak  ( is creating the bathroom lighting and will have some of their work here on display.  The Devil Strip will be there (with the reporters that broke the story about the sad state of our first floor bathrooms.)  We’ll also be having some light refreshments (cake & punch) and will have some games and a raffle.

Monday, February 29, 2016

661 - 665 Fun Things to Do!

661 - Make an altered book.  You can cut, color, paste, glue, add images -- whatever you like!  These pages were done by Janet Laird, also an Advanced Level WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) Facilitator.  They are samples of a memorable and creative WRAP she has made.  I bet it was as fun to make as it is to look at!  Below are the opening pages of an altered book I am making.  Altered books are also fun places to try out new techniques.

662 - Give the same book to several friends and/or relatives to read at the same time for an impromptu book group.  It will be fun to get together and discuss the book after everyone has read it.

663 - Make carnival lemonade!  Just put 1/4 cup sugar, the juice of one lemon, and one of the lemon halves into a large glass.  Add ice and put another large glass into the top of the first one and shake.  It's fun to make and very refreshing.

664 - Save lyrics that inspire you.   Here are some lyrics from a song called "Cape", written by Guy Clark:  Spread your arms and hold your breath and always trust your cape!  The whole song is great, but I especially like those lines.

665 - Have a "jammer" day.  I love a day when I stay in my pajamas all day long.  It may or may not be a productive day, but it is always guaranteed to be fun!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

656 - 660 Fun Things to Do!

LeBron James

656 - Pick an athlete to follow.  As you probably know, this is LeBron James from the Cleveland Cavaliers.  I am not usually sports oriented (except for my children's or grandchildren's events), but I was impressed with LeBron from high school on.  He has represented Akron, Ohio very well with his generosity and loyalty.  The children of Akron are one of his top priorities and he has reached out to hundreds of boys and girls, not just with material things, but with lessons about studying hard, respecting others, and succeeding.   I am a proud member of the LeBron James Grandmothers' Fan Club.  Hooray for LeBron James!

657 - Go to an International Film Festival!  Even better, attend a film festival of short films.  Chances are you will find that there will be some short films that strike your fancy.  To find a film festival, check your local newspaper's entertainment section, or see if your local college or university is sponsoring one.

658 - Make a word cloud!  You can do one for free at  Just make a list of your favorite words.  To make one word bigger than the others, list it more than once.  Different color schemes are available.  There are other word cloud websites, just do a keyword search on word clouds.

659 - Make a postcard and send it to someone.  You can use 4 x 6 thick paper, like watercolor paper.  You can watercolor, do patterns, use a quotation -- whatever suits your fancy!

660 - Memorize a good joke and tell it to ten people.  By then, you should have it memorized!