Thursday, March 31, 2016

662 - 665 Fun Things to Do!

662 - Create a coloring tablecloth!  One time, I surprised our book group with coloring wrapping paper taped all over the kitchen table, and we had so much fun coloring each week. But the paper was thin, and we wondered what we could do with it.  My friend, Maria, told me about coloring fabric you could purchase by the yard online.   There were many designs, and since it is Spring, I chose butterflies and flowers.  I also ordered Tulip fabric markers.  Then Felicia,  a wonderful seamstress, made the fabric into a tablecloth.  Voila!  It was great fun presenting the book group with a coloring project we could keep -- of course, we plan to keep meeting forever!  Diane created the beautiful and colorful close up area.  We are having so much fun!

663 - Pay yourself to do a chore or project.  Sometimes I have trouble finding the motivation to get certain things done, and when that happens, I feel disappointed.  Then I got the idea to pay myself to clean the kitchen floor, tidy up the spare room, or organize a cluttered area, etc.  One of the tricks to this plan is that you must really pay yourself, and the money you earn must go towards something fun.  Now when I am reluctant to jump into cleaning or organizing, I just offer myself what I think I might have to pay someone else to do it.  Makes perfect sense to me!

664 - Whistle!  If you don't whistle very well, practice in the privacy of your own home until you are ready to share your talents.  If you enjoy whistling, take your talents out in public.  Today I was walking up two flights of steps with a man who whistled cheerfully all the way.  It was a delightful experience, which I know I will remember fondly.  We used to have an amazing mail carrier, Cecil, who used to whistle, even in the rain, as he was delivering the mail.  His cheerfulness really improved the quality of my life!

665 - If you enjoy walking, try walking in different neighborhoods.  I know someone who got a map of their city, and highlighted everywhere he walked.  It's fun to have different environments to enjoy as you walk!

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