Wednesday, August 31, 2016

701 - 710 Fun Things to Do!

701 - Get a fountain to add water interest to your environment.  I wasn't looking for a fountain when I saw this, but the sound is great, and the frog is cheerful, so it had to come home with me!

702 - Go to a toy store and have some fun.  Maybe there is a toy you wanted as a child, and never got, or perhaps you could wander up and down the aisles until you are enchanted.   You could even buy a toy for a child you love!

703 - Take a tour for a day or longer.  AAA has a lot of great tours of all kinds at very reasonable prices.  There are other organizations, including travel agencies, who have tours to just about any place you might imagine.  If you are going to a foreign country, it is very comforting to have everything planned out in advance.

704 - Be a sidewalk supervisor!  My Dad used to walk all around his neighborhood, and being a very curious fellow, he would strike up conversations here and there.  If there was a construction site, he would find the Foreman, and find out what was happening.  Of course, my Dad had advice to give about pipes, digging, navigating, etc.  I often walked with him, and was always amazed at my Dad's readiness to talk to just about anyone, about almost any subject.  I was lucky enough to be a sidewalk supervisor in my neighborhood recently.  I had a conversation with a construction worker, and spent some interesting time watching all the action.  Who says you have to be a little boy to enjoy big equipment performance?!

705 - Take a pottery class.  This is my first attempt at building a vase - very hilarious, I must admit.  The more crooked it got, the more I liked it!  Now it holds all my paint brushes and is a great memory of a fun time with my friends.

706 - Enjoy a succulent garden.  These are very popular right now, and you can get them at most garden stores already planted, or in individual pots waiting for your creativity.  Depending on your weather, you can plant them outside or inside in pots.  Even if you live in a four season climate, you can still enjoy your succulents outside in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

707 - Get something monogrammed.  You can get your initials put on towels, shirts, tote bags, pens -- whatever suits your fancy.  Giving a gift of something that is monogrammed is a great way to show you took some time, thought, and effort in your selection.

708 -  Buy an easel for your cookbooks, or just for a handy way to do your reading.  

709 - Use chalk paint on a piece of furniture to liven it up.  I love this chest because it was my Mother-in-law's.  It was looking a little beat up, so I chose bright green to make it look more appealing.  I really love the way it turned out.

710 - Find some interesting drawer knobs to accent your furniture or cabinets.