Monday, February 29, 2016

661 - 665 Fun Things to Do!

661 - Make an altered book.  You can cut, color, paste, glue, add images -- whatever you like!  These pages were done by Janet Laird, also an Advanced Level WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) Facilitator.  They are samples of a memorable and creative WRAP she has made.  I bet it was as fun to make as it is to look at!  Below are the opening pages of an altered book I am making.  Altered books are also fun places to try out new techniques.

662 - Give the same book to several friends and/or relatives to read at the same time for an impromptu book group.  It will be fun to get together and discuss the book after everyone has read it.

663 - Make carnival lemonade!  Just put 1/4 cup sugar, the juice of one lemon, and one of the lemon halves into a large glass.  Add ice and put another large glass into the top of the first one and shake.  It's fun to make and very refreshing.

664 - Save lyrics that inspire you.   Here are some lyrics from a song called "Cape", written by Guy Clark:  Spread your arms and hold your breath and always trust your cape!  The whole song is great, but I especially like those lines.

665 - Have a "jammer" day.  I love a day when I stay in my pajamas all day long.  It may or may not be a productive day, but it is always guaranteed to be fun!

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