Friday, July 8, 2011

Zentangle Challenge #29

I loved this week's challenge! It was to make a string (the outline for the tangles) using a string. So I went into the studio at my office and the first thing I saw was a cord that my dear friend Lucy Anne had used to tie a gift to me just before she left to move to California. The gift was fairy quartz, and just perfect for one of my fairy gardens. Later on, I casually draped the cord onto a tile, and could hardly believe my eyes -- it fell naturally into the shape of a heart! I love the many ways that sentimentality can be incorporated into Zentangles, so I was delighted. This one's for you, Lucy Anne!


  1. Soo pretty! Love that you randomly got a heart.

  2. Very nice...bold tangles work nicely in this heart string.

  3. Love this the patterns you have chosen each stands out. XOXO Zoe