Wednesday, July 27, 2011

183 - 186 Fun Things to Do

183. Watch a baby sleeping -- one of the best stress relievers ever! And fun, too! This is Ava -- we are talking precious here!

184. Pick something to research. Maybe there is something that you have always been interested in, but not known too much about -- you can go on the internet, go to the library, make observations, ask people questions, take notes. Before long, you can become an expert!

185. Start a club. Do you collect

something unusual and would love to meet other people who collect the same thing? Are you from another part of the world and would be interested in meeting other people from there? Do you enjoy crafts or other hobbies? Most libraries will give you a room for free -- all you have to do is pass out flyers, make a few phone calls, and spread the word. Soon you will be attending the first meeting of your new club! I recently went to an altered book workshop that was so much fun that one of the participants has already organized an altered book club that will start meeting soon at one of our local libraries -- we're all thrilled! She just collected the names of interested people, determined the most popular available times, made one phone call to the library, and the club was up and running!

186. If you're having a boring day, pay attention to one thing. For example, the other day I was noticing tire rims and wheels. I know that a lot of people spend quite a bit of money to make sure that their wheels are flashy. It's fun to pay attention to things that might usually go unnoticed. It can turn a dull day into a very amusing one!

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