Saturday, June 25, 2011

157 - 159 Fun Things to Do!

157. After I posted someone else's picture of a heart-shaped cloud, I wanted to find my very own cloud heart to photograph. It took a while, and a lot of sky watching, but one day over a baseball field, triumph was mine! So it was the anticipation of finding one special shape that was the most fun thing to do!

158. Helping boys who are six, seven, and eight years old look for lightning bugs on a beautiful summer's night! What a privilege! Thank you, Andrew, Vince, and Nate

for reminding me of the fun of my younger youth and bringing unexpected fun to my older youth!

159. Look long and deeply into the center of a beautiful flower. Even flowers that you think you know will hold surprises for you in the middle if you look closely enough! This is the first year for having zinnias in our garden, and they have tiny little flowers in their centers, like an extra bonus delight!

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