Thursday, June 2, 2011

145 - Spotting Rainbows

Recently I was watching a Little League game -- not just any game, one my grandson Nate was playing in! The skies were dark and threatening, and then they were blue and friendly. He was so excited to have the chance to participate in his first H League game, since he usually plays in I League with younger kids. Nate is 8 years old, and he was one happy and excited ballplayer that evening! There were 8 fans of his on the sidelines, and he did a really good job in every position he played. Right in the middle of all this -- I spotted a rainbow right beside him!

You can hardly see him in the picture (second boy in), and you can hardly see the rainbow, but it was just a few minutes in time that I will never forget! A Great Blue Heron flew right past the rainbow just before I took the picture, and that is my luckiest of all birds! Wow and wowee!

Then, just a few days later, my husband Tom and I were leaving a restaurant, and when we came around the corner of the building, there was a stunning rainbow! Of course I started taking pictures right away. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that Tom was standing by the car fumbling with something. He was taking a photograph with his cell phone! We've been married over 40 years, and I don't recall him ever taking a photograph on his own initiative. To make it even more incredible, he sent the picture to me from his cell phone to my cell phone! Romance and rainbows, an unbeatable combination!

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