Monday, June 6, 2011

146 - Garden with a Child (or Children!)

When my grandsons, Andrew and Nate, were three and five, I got this wild idea to take them to my favorite garden store and let them pick out whatever they wanted to plant in a circle garden in our yard. The only stipulation was that they had to be plants for a sunny location. We went to Graf Growers in Akron, Ohio, grabbed a double decker cart, and the fun began! They picked yellow, pink, white, lavender, hot pink, purple, orange, yellow, red and stripes!

Because their gardening background was a little limited, they picked flowers like Gebera daisies which in past years I only dared admire, but was afraid to buy. They were totally bold in their choices and the resulting garden was spectacular beyond my wildest dreams. Neighbors visited for days to express their admiration. People I didn't even know stopped their cars to yell out words of praise!

This is third year, and now Andrew and Nate are six and eight, and they are a little more discriminating so their choices were not quite as wild as that first year. Aunt Maribeth came along to share the merriment.

Graf Growers is the kind of place, where once they get to know you, they don't forget you -- so it was fun to arrive with Nate and Andrew and see Sharon and Kathy and have assistance with all our gardening questions. It didn't take long to fill up a cart this year. Among the plants that Andrew picked was a really unusual one with light green flowers. And one of Nate's favorites was a red striped geranium. And it is tradition that each one of us picks out our own pot of Gebera daisies. Andrew and Nate picked out the plants on Friday, and we planted today. I used to think about that circle garden in the winter, and wonder what I would plant, but I always came up with very ordinary ideas compared to my two junior gardeners! Hooray!

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