Thursday, June 16, 2011

148 - 152 Fun Things to Do!

148. Attend a kid's musical production -- that's my grandson, Nate, in "Seussical the Musical". There is no Broadway musical that could ever come close to the glory of a grade school performance!

149. Collect rainbows -- this summer I've seen five already! Tonight after I saw two within ten minutes, I knew I had a collection started. I have photographs of three of them! Last Saturday night I was with my friend who was performing at the Founders' Day AA Celebration in Akron at a local stadium -- first a thunderstorm, then a complete rainbow, and then a double rainbow! It was awesome and a fitting salute to the thousands of AA and Al-Anon members who had gathered together in honor of Bill W. and Dr. Bob.

150. Notice shadows wherever you are.

151. Take photographs of interesting shadows.

152. Make your own shadow show (children not required).

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