Wednesday, March 16, 2011

76 - 100 Fun Things to Do!

76. sit on a bench in a park for 1/2 hour
77. play jacks
78. go to the dollar store with $3.00
79. give yourself a manicure in a wild color of nail polish
80. wear fun socks
81. make some bookmarks
82. squeeze some oranges for juice
83. write a fun letter to a friend
84. make a photo collage
85. Yoga
86. wear a fun hat
87. find a lucky penny (heads up, it's yours - heads down, give it away)
88. wear your hair differently
89. go to a kids' movie with a kid
90. attend a lecture about a foreign country
91. embroider
92. wear silly pajamas
93. pick a mascot for yourself
94. put ribbons in your hair, or someone else's hair
95. turn off your TV for a day or a week
96. memorize a joke and tell it often
97. write with purple ink
98. try food you've never tasted
99. go bowling
100. write a short story

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