Tuesday, March 22, 2011

117 - Things I Get To Do

Since I am not a morning person, I am always looking for ways to make getting out of bed an enthusiastic adventure. This morning, while I was contemplating hitting the snooze alarm again, I started thinking about some of the things I "get to do" today -- have the fresh fruit for breakfast that my daughter, Maribeth, made for the "Annual Dance of Spring" party yesterday, go to my Dad's where he will fix me corned beef and cabbage for lunch and provide terrific conversation, make some business calls and get to talk to people about WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) - which I love to do, have a conference call on the WRAP Around the World conference, and meet my family for our Tuesday night dinner! Wow! And those are just the highlights! When I think in terms of "things I GET to do", then I realized how very blessed I am to have an active life, and getting out of bed to jump into it seems like a really great idea!

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