Sunday, March 27, 2011

120 - Go to the Movies by Yourself!

I have been going to the movies by myself for years. I love the freedom of not having to ask friends and arrange a convenient time for them, consult with them about their movie choice, or have to make several calls before I find someone who is available to go to the movies at the last minute. I love the feeling of being in the movie theater and going off into another world of make believe. I don't have to worry if anyone else likes the movie, if they're enjoying their snacks, or if they're going to talk to me during a crucial scene.

The first movie I went to alone was "On Golden Pond" with Katharine Hepburn and Henry Fonda. I knew right away that going to the movies by myself was a new and wondrous stress reliever. Last night I broke another barrier -- I went to the movies by myself on "date night" - Saturday night! I had avoided that all these years, but it worked out great! Now I can truly go to the movies by myself any day, any time!

P.S. There are times when going to the movies with other people is funner than fun!

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