Monday, August 8, 2011

187 - 191 Fun Things to Do!

187 - Take photos of the beach at sunrise. When we were on vacation, I went to the beach early as often as possible with my journal and camera -- what a way to start a day! The memories of those mornings still invigorate me!

188 - Attend a conference -- any conference! I recently attended the WRAP Around the World Conference in Philadelphia. WRAP is Wellness Recovery Action Plan (, and it was incredible, with people from all over the world, lots of ideas, so much in common, fun, camaraderie, and so many new things to learn! No matter what your interests are, there is probably a conference for you! Scholarships are often available, so keep an eye out for conferences/conventions that might be of interest to you.

189 - Take photos of people from behind. Photographs of people from the back view are often quite interesting. I took this one of my son, daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren walking on the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland. It made me feel very tender and blessed.

190 - Pause and appreciate! I recently had to transfer all my files from a 6 year period from one computer to another. I transferred them to a flash drive first, in units of about 15 files and it took about 3 hours. In those 3 hours, I really had a chance to pause and appreciate the journal entries, invoices, research reports, PowerPoints, to do lists and the many other things that indicate some of my activities over the years. We all get so busy, it seems that we don't take the time to pause and appreciate our accomplishments as they are happening. I am going to try to remember to take a few moments here and there in the future to PA - pause and appreciate!

191 - Take kaleidoscope pictures! My friend Maria showed me a fun application for my iPhone (you could use it on your computer, too) called Kooleido. There are many things you can do with it, but what I did was use a picture of my dear friends Sara and Luke, who got married recently, and turn it into three different kaleidoscope pictures! I framed them in three attached frames for part of their wedding present. It was so fun to do and you can use any picture you have stored on your phone or computer, or you can take a picture on the spot. They also have backgrounds you can use. What a glorious and fun way to play with a photograph!

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  1. That picture with the sun rising is perfect! I love to wake up before the sun, walk to the beach and wait for him to come up all bright and handsome.

    Big hug!!


  2. I love the way you described the sun -- all bright and handsome! And every month I fall in love with the full moon again as if I had never seen it before! One of these days I am going to get arrested for a DUM -- driving under the influence of the moon! Once the sun rises, you can't look at it very long, but ahhhh the moon -- you can just stare at it as long as you like -- divine!

  3. Yes yes yes! The moon is the blissful glowing of the sky! The Universe is incredible...

    Tonight I'll attend a women's circle that happens every month at the full moon. It's magical to be around a bonfire sharing the feminine world with soul sisters.

    Big hug!!