Monday, August 15, 2011

192 - 200 Fun Things to Do!

192. Do a week of surprises for someone! Someone I love is a school administrator who has to go back to school two weeks before her two children do, so I knew she would be feeling a little low. I surprised her with a week's worth of wrapped gifts -- one to open each day -- starting on Sunday with a book of quotations I had collected over the years. Each day's gift was numbered and wrapped differently and Thursday's gift was from her children. It was fun to think of this idea, fun to give to her, and I bet it was fun for her to have a little something fun to open up each day as she eased back into the more serious world of school administration!

193. When you're stuck in traffic, blow bubbles out of your car window. My friend Ruth told me that her daughters, Kylia and Kari used to love to do that and see people's reactions.

194. Get a fun tattoo! I will probably never get a tattoo, except a temporary one, but I sure have fun looking at other people's tattoos. Even the serious ones get my attention. If a person is willing to tell me any stories about their tattoos, I will listen until they are tired of talking. It's a meaningful decision to get a tattoo, but they don't all have to be serious! I was at a coffee shop in line behind a woman and just happened to look down, when I started laughing, she turned around and I just had to ask permission to take a photograph of her leg. When I went to my grandson Andrew's baseball picnic, little did I know that I would be able to add to my collection of fun tattoos when I noticed that one of the baseball Dads had a very humorous leg!

Hooray for fun tattoos!

195. Do a taste test! The other day, I was trying to decide which mustard to use with my hot dog, when I got an idea to try every kind we had in the refrigerator. I love love love mustard -- well, yellow mustard, not so much unless there are lots of raw onions with it and a great hot dog underneath. So I got out Grey Poupon - Dijon; Stadium mustard; Horseradish mustard, and Wasabi mustard. It was a really fun adventure to finally really compare them all in the same time period. There was a clear winner -- Grey Poupon -Dijon! Although, if you are at a baseball stadium with a crowd of people, and you get a great big hot dog there and slather it with Stadium mustard, then that's the very best (at the time). Dijon would be out of place at a baseball game! I also tried chocolate chip ice cream all over my county for a couple years at every opportunity until I found what I thought was the very best. It turned out to be the homemade chocolate chip ice cream at Mary Coyle's right in my neighborhood, where I used to work when I was in high school!

196. Dance with a child at a wedding! This is Erin, who was Maid of Honor at her sister Sara's wedding, out on the dance floor with a young dancer.

197. Watch children dancing. Any time you have a chance to watch a child or children dancing, stop everything else you are doing and appreciate the splendor!

198. Ask someone what they like to do for fun. It's a great conversation topic to find out what other people like to do for fun, and maybe they will give you some unusual ideas. They might also be interested in what you like to do for fun, too!

199. Call someone long distance. With unlimited calling plans, in some instances it's not quite the thrill it used to be to call someone long distance. It still is a lot of fun to talk to someone you don't get to see very often especially if you can surprise them with an unexpected call.

200. Take a photograph of a fun drink! Usually when I order lemonade, it might be good, but usually it is not unexpected. Imagine my delight when I got a carafe of fresh squeezed lemonade all to myself when I was on vacation. I just had to celebrate the occasion!

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