Monday, February 21, 2011

Weak or Strong?

I woke up this morning with this phrase in my head -- "I am a curious mixture of strengths and weaknesses!" I know that is true of all of us, but for some reason that phrase really struck me and so I played around with it in my journal. I read one time that one person is never ALL strong or ALL weak, and that was very reassuring to me. I used to feel that if I was on the top of my game, I would be strong most of the time. But it really is sort of a game, isn't it? It's easy to feel strong when you are thinking about conquering your fears and achieving your goals. It's a whole other thing to walk tall and proud right through the anxiety and confusion and conquer whatever it is that is challenging you.

I have the advantage of having a WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan), because it is full of wellness tools and action plans which I have devised to help me coordinate my life. It is amazing to me that wellness tools are mostly fun and when I turn them into action plans, I really do get empowered to overcome a lot life's expected and unexpected trials and tribulations!

I take comfort in the fact that even if I have been feeling weak and wimpy for a while, I can delve into that "curious mixture of strengths and weaknesses" and pick out some strengths to cultivate. I do that in many ways -- by writing in my journal every day and checking in with myself, making lists, getting support from friends and family, doing fun and creative things, and even by doing something silly.

It really doesn't matter if we are feeling weak or strong. What matters is that we know that we can work to our strengths and surprise ourselves by the choices we make which will eventually empower us, and we can choose again at any second! Hooray!

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