Monday, February 28, 2011

11-50 More Fun Things to Do!

Here are 40 more Fun Things to Do! Hooray! Now you can liven up your day, or assign yourself some interesting activities if you are feeling a little low, or invite a friend or friends for some adventure! Thanks to Jean, Estelle, Kim, Dorothy, and Lori for their wonderful contributions. A really fun thing to do was typing these all up. I try not to have favorites, but "playing kazoos in a group" is just some kind of terrific! Once you have done some of the things on our lists, you can report back in with your "Funster Report!"

11. Make a list of ten things that make you feel grateful ( is a good place to do this)

12. Singing with my parrot

13. Joining a choir

14. Teaching my grandchildren songs my Mother taught me

15. Holding hands

16. Baking bread

17. Driving down a street you’ve never been on before to see where it goes

18. Feeling the sun on your face, especially in Winter

19. Playing with a puppy.

20. Going to a bookstore, getting a latte, and looking through all kinds of wonderful magazines and books.

21. Going to a fun grocery store and or an organic market.

22. Zentangle! (see

23. Beading

24. Walking on the beach

25. Playing with my sweet dog

26. Cleaning out a drawer

27. Finding a garage sale

28. Writing a blog entry

29. Trying a new recipe

30. Planning a theme party

31. Reading a really good book

32. Finding a great new restaurant

33. Making a new friend

34. Holding a baby

35. Drawing

36. Going to the movies and getting popcorn with extra butter

37. Baking muffins

38. Hugging my son

39. Going to an art gallery

40. Going to the beach or pool on a hot day

41. Singing in the rain

42. Old-fashioned board games

43. Going to the symphony

44. Playing kazoos in a group

45. Zipping fast on a zip-line

46. Hiking to a picturesque spot

47. Writing funny off-beat poems

48. Watching a sunrise

49. Watching a sunset

50. Eating at a drive-in restaurant

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