Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1-10 of 1,000 Fun Things to Do!

I think it will really be fun to see how long it will take to gather 1,000 fun things to do! The idea came to me out the blue, and it was too good to pass up! I hope you will help me achieve this fun goal. Please feel free to share whatever you read here and maybe some day, I will really be able to gather these fun and creative ideas together in some "real" form. Here are the first ten:

1. write in a journal
2. go to the library with a blank notebook
3. make a collage
4. try a new recipe
5. take a nap
6. meditate
7. dance spontaneously
8. go to a thrift store
9. have a picnic on the spur of the moment (inside or out)
10. say yes to something new

I really like unusual fun things to do, or wellness tools as we call them in the WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) community, so some of my ideas will be longer. Please share yours in any way you like by using the "click here" in the upper right hand corner of this blog. Off we go!


  1. You inspire me, you inspire us all!

  2. I sent you a separate e-mail telling you what I think of you. Sounds ominous, huh? No worry, it's all GOOD. In preparation for your premier, one of my fun things to do is go to Borders, get a latte and look at all kinds of wonderful books and magazines.