Friday, January 27, 2012

310 - The Little Bliss List

Every Friday, on her blog -, Liv Lane is publishing her "Little Bliss List", which will consist of some of the blissful events she experienced for that week. The word she has chosen to represent her year is "bliss". Liv is also conducting an exciting blogging course, and has invited anyone from her class who wants to make little bliss lists to join in the fun. Count me in!

1. Watching a little gnome garden develop on my plant shelf this week.

2. Going to the library and picking out books for my grandson Andrew's story time at his school. It's a hoot to browse through little kids' books!

3. The privilege of sitting in front of a bunch of wide-eyed first graders who are listening with rapt attention as I read from my stack of fun book treasures.

4. Playing Connect 4 with my grandson, Nate and Andrew, and my husband Tom. I got beaten fairly every time, mostly because I was laughing too hard to concentrate.

5. Finding the perfect orchid for my 94 year old Papa for his indoor winter garden, and his darling appreciation. First I gave him amaryllis bulbs, then paperwhite narcissus bulbs, and now gorgeous orchids! Hooray!

6. Running into the warmth of the house after being out in the sleety rain and having a wonderful cup of tea in my favorite mug.


  1. tea in favorite mugs are always on my list too!

    1. The right tea in the right mug and I can accomplish just about anything! Hooray for tea!

  2. reading a pile of books to wide-eyed, open-hearted kiddos
    is a whole lot of blissful sweet goodness....oh how
    beautiful your bliss:)
    love it here!
    more and more joy to you,

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. They are so precious, and don't even know how amazing they are! Boatloads of bliss and joy sailing in your direction! -- Carol

  3. I love your bliss Carol. It sounds like you have such a great time with your grandkids. I love hearing about you reading to the 'wide eyed' kiddies. That is so precious.