Thursday, January 26, 2012

306 - 309 - Fun Things to Do!

306 - If you are feeling challenged financially, make a list of all the great things you already have. When I get myself into a quandry over financial issues, I remember I have a car, a house, food, a wonderful family, terrific friends, great neighbors, interesting activities, a meaningful job, and lots of things that don't cost me one single penny. Sometimes I even make a list in my journal to remind myself. Then I can move forward to make some changes or adjustments in a much better mood! Hooray!

307 - Make your own magnetic words for the refrigerator. You can get adhesive magnetic strips in a roll at the craft store, and type or print out any words you want, put them on the magnets, cut them apart, and have some fun. This is great for kids or adults as magnetic poetry or for just plain word silliness!

308 - Draw a "cartoon bubble" for a face or an animal in a photograph and add some humor for a card or a gift. You might look at the daily newspaper's comic section to get some ideas. Regular white labels can be cut to the right size to make the bubble shape. This is a great way to use some of those extra photographs you have around the house.

309 - Browse through the dictionary looking for words you don't know when you have extra time on your hands. If you find one that intrigues you, practice using it conversationally in a sentence until it feels natural to you. Increasing your vocabulary is a fun way to improve your word power! You might want to try this expeditiously, before you get out of the mood.

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