Saturday, January 14, 2012

302 - 304 - Fun Things to Do!

302 - Make at word cloud at It's free and you can use any words you want! This is my first one -- I didn't coordinate the colors exactly the way I wanted them, but I did play with moving the words around. I put the words "sock monkey" in, so I had to keep changing everything until sock and monkey ended up together. If you want, you can post your "wordle" to an internet gallery! Thanks to Just Mary Designs for passing along this very fun idea! You could make fun birthday cards, or even frame word clouds with just the right words as a gift, or use them on invitations, or make cool posters -- oh my!

303 - Notice the power of two word combinations. You can even play around and see if you can put two words together to create some of your own power and magic! Here are some of my favorite examples. In parentheses, I have acknowledged their origins where I know them. Creative Electricity (Jill Badonsky) - Regal Thinking - Courageous Patience - Wild Calm (Traci from Zentangle Club) - Joyful Preparation - Reclaiming Discipline (James) - Practice Bravery (Rae) - and some of the ones I have created (although other people may use them, too) - Calm Energy - Happy Trouble - Solidly Hopeful. If you have any two word combinations that you like, please add them by clicking on "comments".

304 - If you say something silly, back it up with more silliness! Recently I sent Winter photos of N.E. Ohio to a friend of mine who has the good sense to spend lots of time in Florida during the cold and snowy weather in an email attachment. I signed it -- from your Snow Bunny friend. He emailed back and wanted to know where the Snow Bunny photo was, so here it is!

Comments are much appreciated! Thanks.


  1. Carol, you are a BEAUTIFUL snow bunny! I love it! Happy Snow!


  2. Love this post! Have been a huge wordle fan---especially with students as an expressive tool!

    "Joyful Noise" is a great 2-word combo for me...especially the way I sing!