Friday, February 3, 2012

The Little Bliss Building List!

Today I woke up and remembered that it was the day to post my "Little Bliss List" for my blogging course. All week long I have been noticing blissful experiences -- doing Zentangles with friends, going to the movies, hanging around with family - but this morning I got a different kind of idea. I thought of taking photographs of all the buildings in Akron, Ohio that I inhabited today that contained blissful experiences for me. That way I could have an unusual record of my Friday bliss list. If you would like to see where the idea for "The Little Bliss List" originated, and also participate in the "blog hop" with other bloggers who are also describing bliss this week, go to "Bliss" is the word that Liv Lane has chosen to represent her year, and she has invited anyone who wants to join her in noticing bliss in their lives, too!

The photograph above is of Resnik Community Learning Center where I had the privilege of reading to my grandson Andrew's first grade class this morning in the library. What could be more blissful than reading fun, colorful, and happy books to a group of youngsters? Even the memory of it is delightful for me.

It was such a beautiful day today so I took my beloved car, Molly Marie McGee, for a ride through the car wash. I put on classical music and had a blissful time noticing how the music matched the spraying of the water, the dancing of the suds, and the swirling of the sponge strips. The hardest thing was not looking too exceedingly happy as we exited to get dried off!

My next stop was Highland Square Library, my friendly neighborhood book paradise, to return this week's books and get some more fun books for next week. I like to get books about peace, kindness, friendship, and adventure with great illustrations and appealing stories. It's easy for me to find bliss in the children's section. Take two Dr. Seuss books and call me in the morning -- I bet you'll be feeling blissful, too!

Off to lunch with my precious 94 year old Paparoonio, my wonderful husband Tom, and my terrific son, Kevin. (It's all right to say great things about your own family, isn't it?) Any time I get to spend with any one of them is blissful to me, but to have all three of them at the same time is triple bliss for sure! All the waitresses adore my Dad, and he loves being adored!

I spent the rest of the afternoon in my favorite coffee shop - Angel Falls, in my favorite neighborhood - Highland Square. With a big cup of rose tea, I set up my laptop and created a blissful office environment. I even had the pleasure of sitting at a big round table with two med students who were studying -- thank heavens there are young people who are willing to work so hard to enter such an amazing profession. Hooray!

Thank you, Liv, for giving me another opportunity to pay attention to bliss this week. Has anything made you feel blissful lately? I'd be so delighted if you shared in the comments!


  1. I love the idea of showing the bliss happened here buildings. You'll never look at them the same again.

    But as I'm looking at the photos I'm thinking, Carol--this is Ohio? In February??? Blue sky, no snow...hey, that's GOT to be bliss right there!

    I'll post a link to this on my bliss roll. xo

    1. Today we have a beautiful snowy day! It would be fun to take photos of those same buildings now, if I didn't have to be finding my bliss in other buildings today -- a basketball gym, a hair salon, a movie theatre!

      Thanks for posting a link, Susan.

  2. What a great idea! Love it! Thank you for sharing your Bliss. Love & Grace, AnaLisa

  3. Hi Carol! Love this post! Felt like I was with you place to place and it was a nice ride! I'm excited about our mutual love of children's books! I want to hear more! I'll be following...

  4. that is a REALLY good idea!
    lots of beauty in your surroundings....glad for you:)