Saturday, February 11, 2012

312 - 316 Fun Things to Do!

312 - Do a portrait of yourself in chalk on cement! This is my 8 year old grandson, Nate, who loves basketball. This self-portrait is now covered by snow, but it was so fun to watch him bring it to life! I am so glad I was there to document this exciting chalk art event.

313 - Do a portrait of someone else in chalk on cement! My grandson, Drew, who is 6, did a portrait of his Grandpa Tom, who is my husband. Then he asked what else he could do, and I said, "You could write -- G-Ma is beautiful!" That's a running joke with us -- that not only am I G-Ma, but that I'm beautiful, too! So he decided to have Tom say I'm beautiful, so he made a little cartoon balloon, and wrote in the word "beautiful". What could be more fun that making a portrait in chalk that talks, too?

314 - Take some time and read all kinds of different magazines at your local library. Explore some magazines you wouldn't normally read. I love to read interviews, and after I browsed through some of the other magazines, I settled in for a good long time with "Interview" magazine. Now I can save some money on magazine subscriptions and still have a lot of fun.

315 - Treat yourself to beautiful orchids, which are much easier to care for than you could ever imagine! I spent many years thinking I had to have some special orchid juju to take care of these gorgeous orchids. Imagine my surprise when I saw a sign at a local store that said -- Orchids - just 3 ice cubes weekly! Since they were only $10, I thought I would take a chance. That was three months ago, and my purple orchid is still wonderfully glorious! Last week I got a double white one that has a tag for I registered for reminders of what day to add my 3 ice cubes, and you can even take pictures of yourself with your orchid and send it into their website! Talk about hilarious orchid fun! They are my indoor Winter garden.

316 - If you have friends who are in warm and sunny climates during the Winter, it is important to send them photographic reminders of what they are missing. They already know they are smart, but it's good to bring an extra smile to their faces!


  1. Great - happy ideas. I really think the chalk drawings sounds like fun!!

  2. 3 ice cubes? perfect!
    and the snow pics....sometimes,
    though we won't admit it,
    they may make us a tad jealous
    farther south
    for a day or two:)