Friday, May 20, 2011

141 - 144 Fun Things to Do!

Painted Frog: Rock Art by Avenefica

1. Let your artistic side run wild and paint a rock (or two or three) and leave them where someone else can find them as part of the Facebook page -- Sweetheart Street Art. Kids should really enjoy this fun challenge!

2. Even if you don't register to become an "Affiliate Agent", take part in the Facebook page, Secret Agent L, at least once -- even if it just something left in secret for a friend or neighbor whose spirits may need a lift.

3. Take part in "Operation Beautiful" - and/or the Facebook page. It's all about posting encouraging Post-it notes in unexpected places, like bathroom mirrors!

Thanks to Christine for these great ideas! (photo by Avia Venefica)


  1. Thank You for sharing those Carol!! <3 You are amazing woman!!!

  2. We at Sweetheart Street Art just read this post and greatly appreciate that you mentioned us in your womderful blog. We agree that rock painting is super fun and great for kids of all ages! If anyone would like to post their art rocks on our page, we would be thrilled!