Sunday, May 15, 2011

129 - Investigate a Terrific Quote!

Every day, I get a quotation from Teri does an excellent job of finding really terrific quotes. To me, quotations are distillations of great wisdom. If I am reading a really amazing book, I might mark up quite a few pages -- but when I find an amazing quote, it stands alone. There have been times in my life that were really difficult, and even though my family and friends were really supportive, often it was a special quotation that gave me the courage to move forward. When my beloved job at Borders Book and Music was downsized, I was almost inconsolable, but I found a quote that contained the phrase, "manage overwhelm" -- and from that moment on, I knew that I could get through it all. I posted the quote in various places around my house, and in my car, and those two words helped me proceed, and even get another job at another Borders. Here is the quotation from Teri Martin today:

We must each learn to hang out in the green growing edges of our own becoming. -- Hildegard Debringum

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